Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our new dalmation

Today was an enforced stay-at-home day. Whew! This is a good thing. Paloma has chickenpox, lookin' all cute and cuddly with spots. She thinks she looks like a dalmatian.
This week, being the first week of school after the break, was going to be my first week back at the studio.
I spent a few hours there on Monday, the only thing accomplished was the creation of the actual habit.
It is a bit like exercising, even if I dont feel like running I will head out the door, walk, creep, crawl-as long as I am keeping the 'get-out-the-door' habit going.
So, Monday blahness, Tuesday I was all settled in, brush in hand and the school rang me. I pack up and do-what-needed-to-be-done which took most of the day. So Tuesday was a painting wipe out.
Wednesday I arrived late at the studio as I had a weight workout session. I felt very creatively low and ended up pacing the floor, doing a bit of sketching onto a canvas, scrubbing sketches off the canvas, and fiddling with the tubes of paint. Hmmm. Nothing to be gained here apart from habit.
 My mantra,'give it your best shot, take a risk, trust yourself, give it your best shot, take a risk, trust yourself, the only voice you need is the voice you already have, trust yourself', (and on and on). It was to no avail. I packed up and drove to the supermarket and sorted out dinner for everyone and after school food. Food is a much easier subject.
After picking the younger kids up from school and dropping a few off at home, I drove Paloma to ballet. I explained to her teacher that her spots were actually the result of her immunization she had five days beforehand. That's what I thought they were anyway. I read a book in the car while she was dancing, picked her up. Her spots seemed to breed at ballet and once home I chucked her in the bath and the spots had a party. Okay, I give in. Chickenpox it is. (How could I get it so wrong!) Thus, today. Thursday, my fourth day of not painting at the studio. I have cuddled the dalmatian a lot and fed her popcorn, DVDs and hot chocolate. I have done a few quality drawings and made a huge pot of vegetable stew for dinner.
I am finding it hard to stand, sit, walk, because of my work out yesterday, coupled with the pain in my legs from the big run last Saturday. Not that I'm one to complain.