Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I havve a studio...

Ahhh...this is Paloma ready for her first day of school. That was four weeks ago! She has only asked me for a total of two days 'off', 'cos school is really hard work!'. Apart from these few quiet rumblings from her, she seems to be enjoying school as a whole.
Mr Drew is still away building his boat, it has been thus far-about six weeks. You know what?-I'm finding this parenting-alone gig increasingly harder. Two young teens in the house are enough to send me out hunting for a larger house. It isnt just the lack of physical space, its the explosive energy they carry around with them. I think it would be easier to handle if it wernt for the other three kids watching eagle eyed-every move we make. (Its like a public chess game). A bigger space would dilute the energy somewhat, or at least give everyone some quiet place. Read the small print.
Anyhoo. I am enjoying working in the studio. Did I tell you? One week before little P started school, I went into Inverlochy art school and asked for a studio space. The manager replied No. I said,(slightly hysterically) 'oh! but I need a space. My youngest is starting school in a week-I have had kids home for 14 years. I need a space. Now.' He said, 'okay. You can have the school library.Is that okay?'
Of course it was fine by me and I have been in there painting my little frustrated heart out-four days per week. I arrive there about 9am and leave at 1.30pm. I go home from the studio three days per week, and prepare after school food, dinner and a quick cleanup-then out the door to pick the primary school kids up. I take one to tap dance directly after school on Monday, one to gymnastics on Tuesday, and one to Ballet on Wednesday.
As for my painting, I am finding it difficult to get into the groove (the groove I was at, one year ago) whereby each painting I finish feeds the next painting. I still have not done a juicy loose painting but know I will get the groove/flow as long as I continue. Which I will.
My running is going okay, the half marathon is two weeks away and I am hoping to beat my 2 hour everest.

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  1. Good luck with the half marathon. Congratulations on your studio :)