Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wanna pic? Here's a few catch up's...what life looks like....

Yes. This is my every day wear. Actually, this is what a friend and I dressed in for our final day of bootcamp, of which I am sure you have all been avidly reading about in my wordpress blog. aahhh yes, the wordpress blog about my health and excercise life which I put into a different space than my family life. Hmmmm..what does it all mean?

Oh, and here I am dressed for a was an interesting walk into town! The suit folks, was long hot pants, abba style with hoops at the hem of each leg..yay!
Here is my wee girl on her very last day of kindergarten, enjoying her kindergarten birthday party. She sits on the special chair and the teacher talks about her life at kindy, her favourite songs, her whanau, her guineapigs and school. They sing 'happy school days' and 'ka kite' to her.

Hellooo sweetie. Here is toothpick checking you out!

Here is Deane Diesels dream boat. This is the honey he is in Christchurch for a month building..welding. He is readying it to motor across the straight to Wellington, so he can work on it here. For the next one thousand years. Yay.Team. It's good to have a passion.

Here are three girls decorating Paloma's birthday cake. Huge cake, huge party. I know! Look at that cake and tell me how clever I am. Then I will tell you how I bought three chocolate sponge rolls from the super market, stuck them together with pure butter icing dyed pink. The oldest girl made the chocolate flowers and stuck them on the icing and the three youngest girls drew on the cake with different coloured icings. Very impressive and fit for a five year old!!


  1. Life lookin goood girlfriend!
    Happy Birthday cherub! xJ