Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's all about me

Mothers day was loverly. Deane ran down the stairs about seven a.m mumbling something about a present. He arrived back ten minutes later lugging a tuba. A huge brass instrument. What  a mothers day gift! Love it. (No, I dont play). We left home early to nab a big enough table at Caffiend cafe in Jackson street Petone. I was showered with smelly gifts from LUSH, which made me think I must smell somewhat. Mr Drew left yesterday, loaded up with boat bits...he is following the container down to Christchurch. (Have fun Diesel). As for me, I am all for self help. So, to adjust to a month or so as a single mother, I went shopping. I bought myself three new winter cardys..(I love cardys, I even love the word, cardy.) I bought a birthday present for my mama, and a birthday present for the new baby in the house below ours,  (welcome Eva), and part of Paloma's birthday present. I bought a book about New York, a pair of gloves, a hat and an art magazine. I then drove to Moore Wilsons and bought 5 chocolate rolls for the kids after school, and the usual food stuffs. (This included 2 huge bunches of banana's at about nine bucks, which this morning, I can only see two.) Now, this very morning- as a fully adjusted single mom (for a month), I made the kids bacon and eggs for breakfast and folded the washing. Today, I will take Paloma to a cafe. It is her last week of being a free four year old. She is my side kick for only one more week. Wow!  This is such a milestone week. I am organising her Saturday birthday party at jungle rama (eek), and her birthday party at kindergarten (tomorow). To celebrate her first day of school on Monday, I am organising a champagne breakfast at a friends after school drop offs, then a champagne lunch at Vista cafe (oriental parade). The plan is to scoot down to vista on our kids scooters. So, her first day of school, will be pretty much wasted for me-in a good way. Bring it.

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