Saturday, May 8, 2010

Im a winner

Im a winner, I really am. I went into the school, (I don't often go there) to take Paloma's birth certificate in for enrolment, and they handed me a bunch of free stuff. Turns out I had won the mothers day hamper. yay me. I don't even remember buying the raffel ticket and it turns out I did'nt. A friend bought one for me. The hamper was pretty exciting, consisting of 2 bottles of wine, two baby bottles of champers, too much chocolate, vouchers for a hair cut and blowwave, facial, massage, 100 dollars worth of vouchers to spend anywhere in westfield shopping center, dr kushicka (spelling at four in the morning is not so hot) products, kerastase products, body butter, body salt rub stuff and did I mention chocolate? For a while I felt like a very lucky person, what with finding a studio, sending my last child off to school in a weeks time and the seems well, full of promise. Then I went home and cleaned it.
My studio, which I am taking over on the 18th, (Paloma's second day of school and my birthday) is the library of Inverlochy art school. They hold classes in there on Thursday nights and Friday mornings so have given me a cupboard which I can lock to put all my stuff in. The paintings will be quite safe..all though, I have had one stolen before...(what a compliment...someone liked one of them enough to nick one!..go them!!!).
I am very happy with the library studio..the room is bright, high stud, wooden floors and the absolute bonus is the books. I'm a book lover. I know Inverlochy quite well, my old studio used to be around the corner from it (before it was demolished to make way for the highway into town) and I have done plenty of life drawing over the years at the school.
My painting, aptly named "Ned checks out the talent" is now up at "32" the terrace and will be for  a week, so wow! I have my first show up for the year. It will be up for one week only. If I sell it, good and if I dont that is also good, because I love the painting and have a good space for it at home.
Anyhooo, that is my week.
Today is Saturday, all five kids have sport and ballet on. They all need to be driven there, thank the gods Mr Drew is still here. He packed up the container with his boat stuff yesterday (chaos), it wont get to Christchurch till Tuesday, so he will leave for his month on Monday.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Congrats on the big win! Nice friend you have.

    I looked at the date and it says Saturday...... I gave my head a shake ( cause I know it's Friday) then I remember theta you are a world away!!! One day I hope to get the chance to meet up with you.

    What sorts of dry red wine do you recommend from your region?

  2. YAYYYY Catherine....your boats come in ....enjoy enjoy enjoy...x

  3. Fantastic Catherine.
    I love Inverlochy house, I use to use their printroom quite a bit when
    I lived in Wellys. enjoy all the wee bits and pieces, what perfect timing. lovely

  4. stacey..thanks, would be good to meet with u one day too. Im not a big wine drinker-but my sister has made a bit of the stuff-(she wouldnt let me have any, its wasted on me..) but I will ask her and give you a solid answer! Thankyou anonomouse
    Leigh,next time u in welly, txt me and drop into the library!! Im really looking fward to working-i really am!!

  5. How cool is that! Lifes good huh!J