Sunday, May 2, 2010

cars and attachment issues

My thing being; I want to be more conscious-ya know, whirl less on my inbuilt reaction to stuff and be more still, observant and accepting. I tried really really hard yesterday when Mr
Drew forgot to put the handbrake on the lexus and it rolled across the road smack bang into our neighbours and friends car. Im trying really hard to accept that for a while, I just have to climb through the passenger door in order to drive it. The drivers door is jammed shut. I am trying to accept that maybe I was too 'attached' to the idea of me actually owning a dent free clean car. The crash therefore is my fault entirely. I was too attached to the idea of driving something 'not broken'. Thank god the neighbours own two cars, and so do we. And yes we are insured so the entire mess should be sorted soon. I will be driving the 'other' car for a while anyway, because the mr is going to Christchurch for a month and taking my previously perfect lexus. hmpf-he can have it. I feel guilty for the hastle my poor neighbours have to go through to get their car repaired, and angry at the same time. Accidents are just that-and I need to accept what happened without judging. I judge myself for my reactions.
It is May, my month of birthdays. I am organised Paloma's fifth birthday and have decided to book junglerama. I had very good intentions of throwing a fantastic party at home but ummm...cant be bothered with that many four and five year olds running around the house destroying things. Lazy ass mother..(dont judge...Ommmmmmm....). Happy birthday Mum for today...69 huh? A good age to start running I thinketh! It is also another daughters birthday this month, she will be eleven and she wants a cell phone. hmmmmm. My birthday is mid month and I am a tad older than eleven, I feel good. Dont like my number much. I have attachment issues with lower numbers.....


  1. life is a marathon....ofton a triathalon....just need to wind down now and gracefully glide into the finishing line Catherine...wish me luck !
    thank you xx

  2. good luck...youve done the training...