Thursday, April 8, 2010

how to clean a house.

I washed the floors today-then I vacumed them. I figured this is the best way because by washing the floors first,the dirt is dislodged (and cleaned) and then it is vacumed. Yay-clean dirt. A house hold hint from me, an extraordinary house-wife. I cleaned behind one of the big bookshelves and found the kids 'little-big-planet' playstation game.I had been pissed off for about one year about the careless loss of that expensive game. But there it was, waiting in the dust and general fluff behind the shelf. Advice to me,'don't waste energy being angry about kids lost stuff. It's not lost, it's just waitin to be found somewhere in the house. A bit like jesus.
I cleaned the bathrooms. The four year old and her friend made magic potion in the basins filling them up with glittery goo. yay.
I have been drawing every day, oh, apart from yesterday. It is making a difference, this drawing every day-it is a life long project. I need to draw, connect my brain and eye and hand and get the stuff down. Drawing is so much like painting, so that, when the studio is finally built, I can smash the bottle of champers on the wall and move right in and paint like there hasn't been a break. That is my theory anyhoo.
Okay-you've got is school holidays again.Thus the cleaning. It is a bit easier to go running during the holidays. I can leave later because I don't have to return by 7am. So I have been running at 8am and...wait for it...even 9am! Nine in the morning feels a bit like midday to me. There are too many people about and the sun is too sparkly in the old eyes.  Give me my early-earlys or my dusk's. I'm all talk actually. I have only clocked 13 k this week. It is Thursday. I will go out for a little one tonight.

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