Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a Housewife spills more guts.

I have spent another three hours cleaning the boys bedroom. In the end I got a tad depressed and went out, bought a bar of blueberry chocolate and ate most of it. Chocolate really does help. When will the boy actually start taking responsibility and care for his own room! Am I up for years and years of dirty despair, cleaning mess's and eating chocolate? Anyhoo, boy is now banned from computer again. I also got into the spirit and cleaned the four girls rooms, which did not take me as long and I did not find too much old food. At least my health and fittness regime is going well, what with bootcamp and all. Also,I am still drawing and going painstakingly through the anatomy book, drawing bones and figuring out where and how the flesh hangs off it. I have got my famous one-painting-one-week exhibition on from the 7th May...(32 the terrace if you are a local..). I have talked to the manager at Inverlochy and am hoping to get a smalll space, which is actually Inverlochys library, to use. I am desperate. I will be surrounded by books and painting! God! Paradise! So, if I get the space (till Mr Drew finishes building mine) I can paint four days a week while the kids are at school. Since I have been drawing a lot, idea's for paintings have been flashing through my mind. From mind to canvas is the thing. See! I am not just the cleaner!
I trundled off to see John Mayer in concert. I didn't know he is such a fantastic guitarist. He bought tears to my eyes...whoa! I actually enjoyed his wild guitar more so than his smooth voice.
Im off to buy another c.d.


  1. After a certain point, I just started closing my kids doors. I'm not their maid.

    Oh yeah, chocolate makes everything better, even if it is for a little while.

  2. John Mayer is very good live. I think his tattoos are sexy!!!!!

    Good luck with your art exhibit... you are very talented Catherine =)

  3. ....Catherine, I'm sure our Harry's room is not dirty....just ' homely' ?x

  4. i try to just close the kids doors, i really do...but i get angry because i know whats begind the doors. it's more than just 'homely' house is errrr...homely, the kids rooms are..well...nitemare on elm street...
    I was too far away to see his body art but now i am imagining!..thankyou for the luck...