Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Does Madonna enjoy school holidays with her kids...just like me???

Im watching the messy four year old swig milk straight from the two litre bottle. The middle kids are all dancing suggestively to Maddona's 'lets get together'. Their hair is a collective mess and I just know that Izzy has slept in her clothes again, no matter how much she protests. It is eleven in the morning. The thirteen year old is learning to decorate cup cakes on a school holiday course. I had woken her this morning at seven, before my run,so she would have enough time to bus in to town. I arrived home-sweaty and errr...glowing, to find her still in bed. She had half an hour to get from point A (bed) to point B (center of town). So of course, I ended up driving her in, no time to stretch, eat breakfast or be slightly human. Bah humbug.
The wind is blowing the proverbial something...and oops..here comes toothpick the guinea pig to join in the dancing. God! I am so sick of guineapig poo in my house. I do love them though, so sweet. sigh.
Shit! Izzy has started tap dancing on our wooden floors, the music has been turned up, Maddona is belting 'I dont wanna hear, I dont wanna know, please dont say you're sor-ry...' etc. I  understand the sentiment exactly. Me and Maddona ya know, sometimes I think we are the same. Except of course, my body is so much more firm than hers. double sigh.
After dropping miss 'slept-in' to her cup cake course, I drove to chafers supermarket for bread and dilmah tea, came out pushing a trolley with over two-hundred dollars of vital grocerys. I then drove around the bay, remembering that I had run around the same bay an hour or so before hand (which made me feel good, like I wasn't totally wasting the day). I ended up at the resene paint shop and bought brown metallic paint for the bathroom..(yay sparkles) and a test pot to try out in the smaller girls room. yay.
Better get to it then.
What are you doing Mads?


  1. Ahhh, it's times like this, I'm grateful for school holiday programmes, where the children have a far more exciting time than they would at home. Then I just spend my day-off-Friday entertaining and schmoozing them - I remain sane, and they don't learn to fear their crazy mother (which I would be if I cared for them all day every day).

    But I have to say, when I walk into the holiday programme hall each afternoon, and I see the crap (read "paper mache balloons, clothing, bags, food scraps, pens, scissors etc etc") strewn from one end of the building to the other, I feel very sorry for the pseudo-parents (Bachelor of Ed students) who have been roped into caring for all the sproglets.

    My hat goes off to you Catherine. If it were me, I'd be in a straight jacket by now.

    And I'm sure Madge is experiencing the exact same bedlam, except her wooden floors are probably parquet.

  2. mmm...holiday programme..sounds marvelous! The thirteen year old finished her cupcake holiday course and bought home 4 cupcakes-decorated beautifully..but..god! twenty dollars per cup cake is a bit much!...and yes, she did let me have one. Btw, the strait jacket is in the wardrobe..i use it every now and again for a rest...