Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a Housewife spills more guts.

I have spent another three hours cleaning the boys bedroom. In the end I got a tad depressed and went out, bought a bar of blueberry chocolate and ate most of it. Chocolate really does help. When will the boy actually start taking responsibility and care for his own room! Am I up for years and years of dirty despair, cleaning mess's and eating chocolate? Anyhoo, boy is now banned from computer again. I also got into the spirit and cleaned the four girls rooms, which did not take me as long and I did not find too much old food. At least my health and fittness regime is going well, what with bootcamp and all. Also,I am still drawing and going painstakingly through the anatomy book, drawing bones and figuring out where and how the flesh hangs off it. I have got my famous one-painting-one-week exhibition on from the 7th May...(32 the terrace if you are a local..). I have talked to the manager at Inverlochy and am hoping to get a smalll space, which is actually Inverlochys library, to use. I am desperate. I will be surrounded by books and painting! God! Paradise! So, if I get the space (till Mr Drew finishes building mine) I can paint four days a week while the kids are at school. Since I have been drawing a lot, idea's for paintings have been flashing through my mind. From mind to canvas is the thing. See! I am not just the cleaner!
I trundled off to see John Mayer in concert. I didn't know he is such a fantastic guitarist. He bought tears to my eyes...whoa! I actually enjoyed his wild guitar more so than his smooth voice.
Im off to buy another c.d.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

spanking new beds for all, a one painting exhibition, drawing skills sharpening...

School holidays are over and here I am sitting with the lap top on my knee in the sun with two kids not far (enough) from me. One is sick and the kindygardener does not do Tuesdays. sigh.
We bought the kids brand spanking new beds. The ones they had were all given to us way back when god was a little girl. They were falling to pieces and the mattresses were not good enough anymore to support speedily growing bodies. They also had out grown the bunks. The beds arrived in all their glory on Friday. The delivery men had to lug the pieces of beds up the stairs making about 14 trips in all. They were sweating and complaining...(honestly!!! Whats with that? One hundred and forty stairs in Wellington is pretty normal one would think...). The day before the beds arrived, I took a leap of faith and organised the salvation army to collect the old beds...I then painted Izzy and Paloma's bedroom with a lick o' paint, scrubbing the  walls with sugar soap first. Oh yeah, there 'stuff' I loaded into harrys room and the bathroom being careful to leave enough space for the new bed's. The girls all slept the night on the floor of Drew and Rosies bedroom. Partay! The next day, In between cleaning and sorting all four bedrooms, I gave the littlest girls room its last coat of paint, recieving a phone call from the bed delivery men saying they would be there in about an hour. I told them to make it a generous hour. Luckily, the paint was touch dry by the time the new furniture was shoved against the wall. I am now in the process of buying five bed side tables. I have found, at the warehouse stationary supplies, perfect little two tier book shelves for fifteen buckaroo's each. I have built one and Rosie has proudly placed her books and bedside lamp on it. Today I bought two more and will put them together as soom as I can be bothered trudging down the stairs to get them from the car.
I am on a mission to get our house organised. Space is of the essence. I feel like I am sort of 'nesting' because Paloma is starting school in four weeks time and a new phase of my little old life starts. Mr Drew still hasn't finished the famous studio in the back yard, the work actually has halted. He is leaving for Christchurch in May to work on his boat for a month, so I am thinking studio will not be built this year. I will find one in town until it's done. I need to work-especially when my wee treasure starts school.
I am putting a painting up in the little cafe that seems to like my paintings, so that will be my first 'one painting-one week' show for the year. I hope it sells even though I love having it on our wall and I will definately miss it. I have been drawing every day, about ten to fifteen little kids and Mr Drew all seem to run away when ever I appear with my pencil and sketch book. So I have an unbelievable amount of drawings of my feet and hands. I bribe the kids to sit for me, saying they can stay up later and watch crap on t.v..(as long as they do not move). I am finding the drawing is improving and I am more confident...another thing I will be able to do when treasure begins school, is do life drawing on Tuesday mornings at inverlochy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Does Madonna enjoy school holidays with her kids...just like me???

Im watching the messy four year old swig milk straight from the two litre bottle. The middle kids are all dancing suggestively to Maddona's 'lets get together'. Their hair is a collective mess and I just know that Izzy has slept in her clothes again, no matter how much she protests. It is eleven in the morning. The thirteen year old is learning to decorate cup cakes on a school holiday course. I had woken her this morning at seven, before my run,so she would have enough time to bus in to town. I arrived home-sweaty and errr...glowing, to find her still in bed. She had half an hour to get from point A (bed) to point B (center of town). So of course, I ended up driving her in, no time to stretch, eat breakfast or be slightly human. Bah humbug.
The wind is blowing the proverbial something...and comes toothpick the guinea pig to join in the dancing. God! I am so sick of guineapig poo in my house. I do love them though, so sweet. sigh.
Shit! Izzy has started tap dancing on our wooden floors, the music has been turned up, Maddona is belting 'I dont wanna hear, I dont wanna know, please dont say you're sor-ry...' etc. I  understand the sentiment exactly. Me and Maddona ya know, sometimes I think we are the same. Except of course, my body is so much more firm than hers. double sigh.
After dropping miss 'slept-in' to her cup cake course, I drove to chafers supermarket for bread and dilmah tea, came out pushing a trolley with over two-hundred dollars of vital grocerys. I then drove around the bay, remembering that I had run around the same bay an hour or so before hand (which made me feel good, like I wasn't totally wasting the day). I ended up at the resene paint shop and bought brown metallic paint for the bathroom..(yay sparkles) and a test pot to try out in the smaller girls room. yay.
Better get to it then.
What are you doing Mads?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

how to clean a house.

I washed the floors today-then I vacumed them. I figured this is the best way because by washing the floors first,the dirt is dislodged (and cleaned) and then it is vacumed. Yay-clean dirt. A house hold hint from me, an extraordinary house-wife. I cleaned behind one of the big bookshelves and found the kids 'little-big-planet' playstation game.I had been pissed off for about one year about the careless loss of that expensive game. But there it was, waiting in the dust and general fluff behind the shelf. Advice to me,'don't waste energy being angry about kids lost stuff. It's not lost, it's just waitin to be found somewhere in the house. A bit like jesus.
I cleaned the bathrooms. The four year old and her friend made magic potion in the basins filling them up with glittery goo. yay.
I have been drawing every day, oh, apart from yesterday. It is making a difference, this drawing every day-it is a life long project. I need to draw, connect my brain and eye and hand and get the stuff down. Drawing is so much like painting, so that, when the studio is finally built, I can smash the bottle of champers on the wall and move right in and paint like there hasn't been a break. That is my theory anyhoo.
Okay-you've got is school holidays again.Thus the cleaning. It is a bit easier to go running during the holidays. I can leave later because I don't have to return by 7am. So I have been running at 8am and...wait for it...even 9am! Nine in the morning feels a bit like midday to me. There are too many people about and the sun is too sparkly in the old eyes.  Give me my early-earlys or my dusk's. I'm all talk actually. I have only clocked 13 k this week. It is Thursday. I will go out for a little one tonight.