Tuesday, March 16, 2010

swamp thing...

Here is my wee ballet dancer. She has had four lessons. I picked her up from her first lesson and she, red faced and sweaty denounced the whole ballet thing as 'too much hard work'. She didn't want to go again, but me, being the hard Mother, told her she  must give it another try. Now she likes it. A 'first position' can happen at any random time.
So, here we are! Our stoopid 'Summer-that-did-not-happen' has given way to a most surely happening Autumn. We had an amazing storm sweep through last Friday. Hail, sideways rain coupled with a temperature drop from 18 to 8 degree's in about 5 minutes flat. Lovely stuff-not that I am complaining. I chose to go for a run in it and really enjoyed the bite.
Deane and Harry flew up to Auckland a few days ago, for a boys weekend at the Auckland boat show. Harry came back all relaxed and fresh, laughing at his Dad who refused to jump (bungy) off the sky tower.
While the boys were away, I thought me and the four girls would have a lovely few days. Unfortunately I forgot to let them in on the 'lovely time' bit, and for some reason they all had long moments of being very difficult. Deane returned home to one sadly disillusioned Mother. (Me, the swamp thing). Tell ya what! I had to turn my face to stone (to prevent scowling/swearing etc), at one point I slammed the door on my way out for a quick 8kilometer run, nearly too angry to enjoy it. So, I finally got my passport photo (on-going drama..the passport, fear of flying etc)..and my goal is to get to New York this year. It gets easier to leave the kids as they get older...maybe they will appreciate what I do for them if I am away for a few weeks? Hmmmmm.....

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  1. They always appreciate you more when you've been away. I remember when mum left us with dad a few times, the sandwiches dad used to make for our school lunches were diabolical. Golden syrup and coconut or raisins and jam, no-one would swap with us at school when we had stuff like that. Sure, sounds funny now, but it sure wasn't then.