Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The piggies progress

Okay, not to go on..(no..I am not know for that), but these little piggies..(not the children...the animals)must be the most social piggies alive. They get cuddled and talked to every morning before school and after school, long into the evening. Paloma grabs one (gently) on arriving home from kindy. The piggies play in her barbie car..(poor piggie-zooming around the floor in a pink plastic fantastic-I put a stop to it...), they do art with her, and help her write. They dance alot to Michael Jackson. Quite a few guests of the kids have cuddled/squished them and tomorow they are both going to kindergarten to be patted and fed by about 40 four year olds. So saying, they seem to be having more of a wild life than me!

1 comment:

  1. coot as!!!!....but Izzy should not sit like that..causes pidgeon toeism, just reminding ya