Tuesday, March 9, 2010

drama in suburban house wife land

What do you think of my domestic goddess attempt? Short bread recipe to a gingerbread boy shape. Pink icing and sprinkles and they march off to kindy and school. Brownie points for me.
My brand new cuisinart food processor just stopped working. I lugged it up 140 steps, paid nearly sixhundred big dollars for it and it stopped working in two weeks. I phoned moore-wilsons and they told me to bring it in. So in the box it goes, down stairs, lugged into the shop and they suggested they repair it. I said I dont want a repaired machine after only two weeks. They offered to find the exact same chrome one in the other store. I stated that I had done enough running around after the machine, so if they could deliver it to my house that would be great. They dont do deliveries, so I lugged my same but different one into the car, up the stairs and have started using it again! Gosh! Drama on the high sea's.
Okay! I know you ae clearly interested on the wee piggies. They are well loved. Even I (col-hard-eat-nails-for-breakfast-bitch) have fallen for them. The spend a bit of time lying around on peoples chests, munching on apples and watching t.v. They enjoy poo-ing on the floor. Their pee is a milky color and is abundant. They 'bring' straw into the house. I vacum more, and wash the floors more. I wash clothes more, (peed on clothes). The kids have more hay fever, but don't seem to mind.
A thing the kids have taught me this week?
Kids are not allowed to swear but mums and dads are (stated by a four year old).


  1. Lugging that Cuisinart sounds like quite the workout! I hope all is resolved and no more lugging the thing is involved. I would cry if my food processor quit working.

  2. life in the fast lane...keep the faith!