Sunday, February 7, 2010

The sevens....and grumbling...

Why did I take this photo?

Do I love a man in uniform?

I made it to the Saturday of the sevens. It was 'wow' as usual! I think the party atmosphere was bigger even than last year. Rugby? What Rugby? or...what is rugby? ...or, are they playing rugby or football? (after being there two years in a row). Deane couldn't make it unfortunately, but while I was away, he managed to crack a rib, falling on the auger. Ummm...and I am sure you all know what an 'auger' is..ya know..that big phallic thing that is attached to the end of the digger...(yes the digger in our back yard). The auger digs holes through earth and rock. Anyhow, Mr D tripped and fell over it and cracked a rib. He can feel it scraping the side of his lung when he breathes. He is living on pain killers...and not walking, running, skydiving, scuba diving, horse riding, ballet dancing at the moment....
The fact of the matter, at this moment, I am in a completely foul mood. I dont know if it is the pimples on my face, the flab on my stomach, how the New Zealand team played.., or how the Scottish team played (worse). But they all look so,so good in their little shorts. I cant be angry for too long. My foul mood  could be the result of a huge mess in my house that I cant seem to control. More junk arrived up the stairs again tonight. I'm not one to complain...yes I am actually. So much for interesting posts huh!!!

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