Friday, January 29, 2010

Rest in Peace, David.

Peace Joy and Beauty-farewell David. "Too tired for words".

Monday, January 11, 2010

we've had two days of 'nearly summer'.....

Deane built the kids a tree hut in the pohutakawa.

Paloma makes carrot and apple juice...she eats most of the apple.

The wild tree girl...

the view from the tree house..

The iceblock eaters...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello and Welcome 2010! Happy New Year!

The kids are actually shaping 2010 with their hands but are in the wrong order...huh! Too much apple juice!
Hello 2010! We bought in the new year, as it turned out, at home, dancing in a line..(not line dancing) around the kitchen bench. The kids went wild as we counted down with the radio blasting.

We had, a few hours before hand, travelled down to the civic square where live bands and a few thousand people were. By about 10, the four year old was saying how tired she was. She wanted to go to bed. By 11.30, I realised they were all requesting, at different times to go home. The music was 'too loud', there was not any food, and the 13year old was 'bored'. I, was enjoying the music and would have danced if it wern't for the four year old sucking her fingers on my lap. So- off home then! Arriving home at 11.40pm, we flicked on the radio party and I poured Mr Drew and I a port. We put Paloma into bed..(asleep in 4 seconds) and then we danced with the kids till 2010 hit.

New years day we spent with a huge sleep in, followed by a walk into town for an icecream. The walk in took about one hour, the eating of icecreams about fifteen minutes, (actually, I had water because it is the new year and I am on a mish to loose 4kg ..Deane had nothing except some of my water because he is determined to loose weight this year.)...anyhoo.. the kids ate icecream then we decided to walk home. The Wellington wind was ferocious, making life less enjoyable so we didn't  amble. Three of the kids scootered back around the bay being pushed the entire way home. They reported fast speeds and lots of excitement.
Tell ya what though, I am entirely sick of this constant near hurricane force wind! We stayed inside once home, it being too windy to do anything outside....It's been blowing a gale all year!
My goals for this year will be  draw every day, even a scrap of a drawing will do. (So far I can report a drawing a day since december 26th!). I will attend life drawing sessions once per week ( I can now without having to organise a babysitter..Paloma is attending kindy on that particular day for a 6 hour session!). I also have decided, seeing I have no room to paint..(this fact makes me cry with frustration...anyhoo! onwards and upwards blahblah..), I will draw a smidgion of life on to a large canvas when ever I have a fraction of time...I will paint the whole thing when I have the space...this will be my 'domestic artist' painting.
I also am to get serious with my excersise goals,  that is..I aim to kick an sub 4 hour marathon, and will think about an ultra. I am aiming on running an average of 50kilometers per week..(how am I doing thus far?..Well, it's only the 2nd of January and I have clocked 16k..errr..which works out not much for the week so far, but over the half the week was so last decade!). I will detail my excercise goal in my other blog .
2009 was a good year. Bless it! I am optimistic about the year to come...every part of my life is about being, accepting and reaching....
Thanks for reading.