Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our new dalmation

Today was an enforced stay-at-home day. Whew! This is a good thing. Paloma has chickenpox, lookin' all cute and cuddly with spots. She thinks she looks like a dalmatian.
This week, being the first week of school after the break, was going to be my first week back at the studio.
I spent a few hours there on Monday, the only thing accomplished was the creation of the actual habit.
It is a bit like exercising, even if I dont feel like running I will head out the door, walk, creep, crawl-as long as I am keeping the 'get-out-the-door' habit going.
So, Monday blahness, Tuesday I was all settled in, brush in hand and the school rang me. I pack up and do-what-needed-to-be-done which took most of the day. So Tuesday was a painting wipe out.
Wednesday I arrived late at the studio as I had a weight workout session. I felt very creatively low and ended up pacing the floor, doing a bit of sketching onto a canvas, scrubbing sketches off the canvas, and fiddling with the tubes of paint. Hmmm. Nothing to be gained here apart from habit.
 My mantra,'give it your best shot, take a risk, trust yourself, give it your best shot, take a risk, trust yourself, the only voice you need is the voice you already have, trust yourself', (and on and on). It was to no avail. I packed up and drove to the supermarket and sorted out dinner for everyone and after school food. Food is a much easier subject.
After picking the younger kids up from school and dropping a few off at home, I drove Paloma to ballet. I explained to her teacher that her spots were actually the result of her immunization she had five days beforehand. That's what I thought they were anyway. I read a book in the car while she was dancing, picked her up. Her spots seemed to breed at ballet and once home I chucked her in the bath and the spots had a party. Okay, I give in. Chickenpox it is. (How could I get it so wrong!) Thus, today. Thursday, my fourth day of not painting at the studio. I have cuddled the dalmatian a lot and fed her popcorn, DVDs and hot chocolate. I have done a few quality drawings and made a huge pot of vegetable stew for dinner.
I am finding it hard to stand, sit, walk, because of my work out yesterday, coupled with the pain in my legs from the big run last Saturday. Not that I'm one to complain.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I havve a studio...

Ahhh...this is Paloma ready for her first day of school. That was four weeks ago! She has only asked me for a total of two days 'off', 'cos school is really hard work!'. Apart from these few quiet rumblings from her, she seems to be enjoying school as a whole.
Mr Drew is still away building his boat, it has been thus far-about six weeks. You know what?-I'm finding this parenting-alone gig increasingly harder. Two young teens in the house are enough to send me out hunting for a larger house. It isnt just the lack of physical space, its the explosive energy they carry around with them. I think it would be easier to handle if it wernt for the other three kids watching eagle eyed-every move we make. (Its like a public chess game). A bigger space would dilute the energy somewhat, or at least give everyone some quiet place. Read the small print.
Anyhoo. I am enjoying working in the studio. Did I tell you? One week before little P started school, I went into Inverlochy art school and asked for a studio space. The manager replied No. I said,(slightly hysterically) 'oh! but I need a space. My youngest is starting school in a week-I have had kids home for 14 years. I need a space. Now.' He said, 'okay. You can have the school library.Is that okay?'
Of course it was fine by me and I have been in there painting my little frustrated heart out-four days per week. I arrive there about 9am and leave at 1.30pm. I go home from the studio three days per week, and prepare after school food, dinner and a quick cleanup-then out the door to pick the primary school kids up. I take one to tap dance directly after school on Monday, one to gymnastics on Tuesday, and one to Ballet on Wednesday.
As for my painting, I am finding it difficult to get into the groove (the groove I was at, one year ago) whereby each painting I finish feeds the next painting. I still have not done a juicy loose painting but know I will get the groove/flow as long as I continue. Which I will.
My running is going okay, the half marathon is two weeks away and I am hoping to beat my 2 hour everest.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

cutest five year old in the universe...

Yes I know. I'm allowed. This is her five year old kindergarten birthday. She was too cute. She's my she's been at school nearly one week....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wanna pic? Here's a few catch up's...what life looks like....

Yes. This is my every day wear. Actually, this is what a friend and I dressed in for our final day of bootcamp, of which I am sure you have all been avidly reading about in my wordpress blog. aahhh yes, the wordpress blog about my health and excercise life which I put into a different space than my family life. Hmmmm..what does it all mean?

Oh, and here I am dressed for a was an interesting walk into town! The suit folks, was long hot pants, abba style with hoops at the hem of each leg..yay!
Here is my wee girl on her very last day of kindergarten, enjoying her kindergarten birthday party. She sits on the special chair and the teacher talks about her life at kindy, her favourite songs, her whanau, her guineapigs and school. They sing 'happy school days' and 'ka kite' to her.

Hellooo sweetie. Here is toothpick checking you out!

Here is Deane Diesels dream boat. This is the honey he is in Christchurch for a month building..welding. He is readying it to motor across the straight to Wellington, so he can work on it here. For the next one thousand years. Yay.Team. It's good to have a passion.

Here are three girls decorating Paloma's birthday cake. Huge cake, huge party. I know! Look at that cake and tell me how clever I am. Then I will tell you how I bought three chocolate sponge rolls from the super market, stuck them together with pure butter icing dyed pink. The oldest girl made the chocolate flowers and stuck them on the icing and the three youngest girls drew on the cake with different coloured icings. Very impressive and fit for a five year old!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's all about me

Mothers day was loverly. Deane ran down the stairs about seven a.m mumbling something about a present. He arrived back ten minutes later lugging a tuba. A huge brass instrument. What  a mothers day gift! Love it. (No, I dont play). We left home early to nab a big enough table at Caffiend cafe in Jackson street Petone. I was showered with smelly gifts from LUSH, which made me think I must smell somewhat. Mr Drew left yesterday, loaded up with boat bits...he is following the container down to Christchurch. (Have fun Diesel). As for me, I am all for self help. So, to adjust to a month or so as a single mother, I went shopping. I bought myself three new winter cardys..(I love cardys, I even love the word, cardy.) I bought a birthday present for my mama, and a birthday present for the new baby in the house below ours,  (welcome Eva), and part of Paloma's birthday present. I bought a book about New York, a pair of gloves, a hat and an art magazine. I then drove to Moore Wilsons and bought 5 chocolate rolls for the kids after school, and the usual food stuffs. (This included 2 huge bunches of banana's at about nine bucks, which this morning, I can only see two.) Now, this very morning- as a fully adjusted single mom (for a month), I made the kids bacon and eggs for breakfast and folded the washing. Today, I will take Paloma to a cafe. It is her last week of being a free four year old. She is my side kick for only one more week. Wow!  This is such a milestone week. I am organising her Saturday birthday party at jungle rama (eek), and her birthday party at kindergarten (tomorow). To celebrate her first day of school on Monday, I am organising a champagne breakfast at a friends after school drop offs, then a champagne lunch at Vista cafe (oriental parade). The plan is to scoot down to vista on our kids scooters. So, her first day of school, will be pretty much wasted for me-in a good way. Bring it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Im a winner

Im a winner, I really am. I went into the school, (I don't often go there) to take Paloma's birth certificate in for enrolment, and they handed me a bunch of free stuff. Turns out I had won the mothers day hamper. yay me. I don't even remember buying the raffel ticket and it turns out I did'nt. A friend bought one for me. The hamper was pretty exciting, consisting of 2 bottles of wine, two baby bottles of champers, too much chocolate, vouchers for a hair cut and blowwave, facial, massage, 100 dollars worth of vouchers to spend anywhere in westfield shopping center, dr kushicka (spelling at four in the morning is not so hot) products, kerastase products, body butter, body salt rub stuff and did I mention chocolate? For a while I felt like a very lucky person, what with finding a studio, sending my last child off to school in a weeks time and the seems well, full of promise. Then I went home and cleaned it.
My studio, which I am taking over on the 18th, (Paloma's second day of school and my birthday) is the library of Inverlochy art school. They hold classes in there on Thursday nights and Friday mornings so have given me a cupboard which I can lock to put all my stuff in. The paintings will be quite safe..all though, I have had one stolen before...(what a compliment...someone liked one of them enough to nick one!..go them!!!).
I am very happy with the library studio..the room is bright, high stud, wooden floors and the absolute bonus is the books. I'm a book lover. I know Inverlochy quite well, my old studio used to be around the corner from it (before it was demolished to make way for the highway into town) and I have done plenty of life drawing over the years at the school.
My painting, aptly named "Ned checks out the talent" is now up at "32" the terrace and will be for  a week, so wow! I have my first show up for the year. It will be up for one week only. If I sell it, good and if I dont that is also good, because I love the painting and have a good space for it at home.
Anyhooo, that is my week.
Today is Saturday, all five kids have sport and ballet on. They all need to be driven there, thank the gods Mr Drew is still here. He packed up the container with his boat stuff yesterday (chaos), it wont get to Christchurch till Tuesday, so he will leave for his month on Monday.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

cars and attachment issues

My thing being; I want to be more conscious-ya know, whirl less on my inbuilt reaction to stuff and be more still, observant and accepting. I tried really really hard yesterday when Mr
Drew forgot to put the handbrake on the lexus and it rolled across the road smack bang into our neighbours and friends car. Im trying really hard to accept that for a while, I just have to climb through the passenger door in order to drive it. The drivers door is jammed shut. I am trying to accept that maybe I was too 'attached' to the idea of me actually owning a dent free clean car. The crash therefore is my fault entirely. I was too attached to the idea of driving something 'not broken'. Thank god the neighbours own two cars, and so do we. And yes we are insured so the entire mess should be sorted soon. I will be driving the 'other' car for a while anyway, because the mr is going to Christchurch for a month and taking my previously perfect lexus. hmpf-he can have it. I feel guilty for the hastle my poor neighbours have to go through to get their car repaired, and angry at the same time. Accidents are just that-and I need to accept what happened without judging. I judge myself for my reactions.
It is May, my month of birthdays. I am organised Paloma's fifth birthday and have decided to book junglerama. I had very good intentions of throwing a fantastic party at home but ummm...cant be bothered with that many four and five year olds running around the house destroying things. Lazy ass mother..(dont judge...Ommmmmmm....). Happy birthday Mum for today...69 huh? A good age to start running I thinketh! It is also another daughters birthday this month, she will be eleven and she wants a cell phone. hmmmmm. My birthday is mid month and I am a tad older than eleven, I feel good. Dont like my number much. I have attachment issues with lower numbers.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a Housewife spills more guts.

I have spent another three hours cleaning the boys bedroom. In the end I got a tad depressed and went out, bought a bar of blueberry chocolate and ate most of it. Chocolate really does help. When will the boy actually start taking responsibility and care for his own room! Am I up for years and years of dirty despair, cleaning mess's and eating chocolate? Anyhoo, boy is now banned from computer again. I also got into the spirit and cleaned the four girls rooms, which did not take me as long and I did not find too much old food. At least my health and fittness regime is going well, what with bootcamp and all. Also,I am still drawing and going painstakingly through the anatomy book, drawing bones and figuring out where and how the flesh hangs off it. I have got my famous one-painting-one-week exhibition on from the 7th May...(32 the terrace if you are a local..). I have talked to the manager at Inverlochy and am hoping to get a smalll space, which is actually Inverlochys library, to use. I am desperate. I will be surrounded by books and painting! God! Paradise! So, if I get the space (till Mr Drew finishes building mine) I can paint four days a week while the kids are at school. Since I have been drawing a lot, idea's for paintings have been flashing through my mind. From mind to canvas is the thing. See! I am not just the cleaner!
I trundled off to see John Mayer in concert. I didn't know he is such a fantastic guitarist. He bought tears to my eyes...whoa! I actually enjoyed his wild guitar more so than his smooth voice.
Im off to buy another c.d.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

spanking new beds for all, a one painting exhibition, drawing skills sharpening...

School holidays are over and here I am sitting with the lap top on my knee in the sun with two kids not far (enough) from me. One is sick and the kindygardener does not do Tuesdays. sigh.
We bought the kids brand spanking new beds. The ones they had were all given to us way back when god was a little girl. They were falling to pieces and the mattresses were not good enough anymore to support speedily growing bodies. They also had out grown the bunks. The beds arrived in all their glory on Friday. The delivery men had to lug the pieces of beds up the stairs making about 14 trips in all. They were sweating and complaining...(honestly!!! Whats with that? One hundred and forty stairs in Wellington is pretty normal one would think...). The day before the beds arrived, I took a leap of faith and organised the salvation army to collect the old beds...I then painted Izzy and Paloma's bedroom with a lick o' paint, scrubbing the  walls with sugar soap first. Oh yeah, there 'stuff' I loaded into harrys room and the bathroom being careful to leave enough space for the new bed's. The girls all slept the night on the floor of Drew and Rosies bedroom. Partay! The next day, In between cleaning and sorting all four bedrooms, I gave the littlest girls room its last coat of paint, recieving a phone call from the bed delivery men saying they would be there in about an hour. I told them to make it a generous hour. Luckily, the paint was touch dry by the time the new furniture was shoved against the wall. I am now in the process of buying five bed side tables. I have found, at the warehouse stationary supplies, perfect little two tier book shelves for fifteen buckaroo's each. I have built one and Rosie has proudly placed her books and bedside lamp on it. Today I bought two more and will put them together as soom as I can be bothered trudging down the stairs to get them from the car.
I am on a mission to get our house organised. Space is of the essence. I feel like I am sort of 'nesting' because Paloma is starting school in four weeks time and a new phase of my little old life starts. Mr Drew still hasn't finished the famous studio in the back yard, the work actually has halted. He is leaving for Christchurch in May to work on his boat for a month, so I am thinking studio will not be built this year. I will find one in town until it's done. I need to work-especially when my wee treasure starts school.
I am putting a painting up in the little cafe that seems to like my paintings, so that will be my first 'one painting-one week' show for the year. I hope it sells even though I love having it on our wall and I will definately miss it. I have been drawing every day, about ten to fifteen little kids and Mr Drew all seem to run away when ever I appear with my pencil and sketch book. So I have an unbelievable amount of drawings of my feet and hands. I bribe the kids to sit for me, saying they can stay up later and watch crap on t.v..(as long as they do not move). I am finding the drawing is improving and I am more confident...another thing I will be able to do when treasure begins school, is do life drawing on Tuesday mornings at inverlochy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Does Madonna enjoy school holidays with her kids...just like me???

Im watching the messy four year old swig milk straight from the two litre bottle. The middle kids are all dancing suggestively to Maddona's 'lets get together'. Their hair is a collective mess and I just know that Izzy has slept in her clothes again, no matter how much she protests. It is eleven in the morning. The thirteen year old is learning to decorate cup cakes on a school holiday course. I had woken her this morning at seven, before my run,so she would have enough time to bus in to town. I arrived home-sweaty and errr...glowing, to find her still in bed. She had half an hour to get from point A (bed) to point B (center of town). So of course, I ended up driving her in, no time to stretch, eat breakfast or be slightly human. Bah humbug.
The wind is blowing the proverbial something...and comes toothpick the guinea pig to join in the dancing. God! I am so sick of guineapig poo in my house. I do love them though, so sweet. sigh.
Shit! Izzy has started tap dancing on our wooden floors, the music has been turned up, Maddona is belting 'I dont wanna hear, I dont wanna know, please dont say you're sor-ry...' etc. I  understand the sentiment exactly. Me and Maddona ya know, sometimes I think we are the same. Except of course, my body is so much more firm than hers. double sigh.
After dropping miss 'slept-in' to her cup cake course, I drove to chafers supermarket for bread and dilmah tea, came out pushing a trolley with over two-hundred dollars of vital grocerys. I then drove around the bay, remembering that I had run around the same bay an hour or so before hand (which made me feel good, like I wasn't totally wasting the day). I ended up at the resene paint shop and bought brown metallic paint for the bathroom..(yay sparkles) and a test pot to try out in the smaller girls room. yay.
Better get to it then.
What are you doing Mads?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

how to clean a house.

I washed the floors today-then I vacumed them. I figured this is the best way because by washing the floors first,the dirt is dislodged (and cleaned) and then it is vacumed. Yay-clean dirt. A house hold hint from me, an extraordinary house-wife. I cleaned behind one of the big bookshelves and found the kids 'little-big-planet' playstation game.I had been pissed off for about one year about the careless loss of that expensive game. But there it was, waiting in the dust and general fluff behind the shelf. Advice to me,'don't waste energy being angry about kids lost stuff. It's not lost, it's just waitin to be found somewhere in the house. A bit like jesus.
I cleaned the bathrooms. The four year old and her friend made magic potion in the basins filling them up with glittery goo. yay.
I have been drawing every day, oh, apart from yesterday. It is making a difference, this drawing every day-it is a life long project. I need to draw, connect my brain and eye and hand and get the stuff down. Drawing is so much like painting, so that, when the studio is finally built, I can smash the bottle of champers on the wall and move right in and paint like there hasn't been a break. That is my theory anyhoo.
Okay-you've got is school holidays again.Thus the cleaning. It is a bit easier to go running during the holidays. I can leave later because I don't have to return by 7am. So I have been running at 8am and...wait for it...even 9am! Nine in the morning feels a bit like midday to me. There are too many people about and the sun is too sparkly in the old eyes.  Give me my early-earlys or my dusk's. I'm all talk actually. I have only clocked 13 k this week. It is Thursday. I will go out for a little one tonight.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday resolutions..

My birthday is looming-forty-six. Gosh! It seems only yesterday I was throwing up after my fourtieth. Now here I am, with the big 'five-oh' rolling it's eyes at me in the not-too-far distance. I must say, I feel better and more in tune with my big ol' self than 45. Age is a good thing..if I dont look too closely at my not extremely taut skin stuff...and I don't like people taking photo's of me-especially close up and in harsh light..(all light is harsh). Life is good. Anyhoo, for the 46th Birthday, I am going to run 46kilometers. Thank the gods I live in a metric age. Forty six miles is a totally different (blurk!) distance. So, May the 18th folks. Thats the big date. I am also teaching myself guitar and the plan is to be extremely good at it by the eye-rolling 50. Of course, I will continue running-because it keeps me feeling; well, pretty brilliant. So, there it goes, the birthday plan. Luck and plans.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

swamp thing...

Here is my wee ballet dancer. She has had four lessons. I picked her up from her first lesson and she, red faced and sweaty denounced the whole ballet thing as 'too much hard work'. She didn't want to go again, but me, being the hard Mother, told her she  must give it another try. Now she likes it. A 'first position' can happen at any random time.
So, here we are! Our stoopid 'Summer-that-did-not-happen' has given way to a most surely happening Autumn. We had an amazing storm sweep through last Friday. Hail, sideways rain coupled with a temperature drop from 18 to 8 degree's in about 5 minutes flat. Lovely stuff-not that I am complaining. I chose to go for a run in it and really enjoyed the bite.
Deane and Harry flew up to Auckland a few days ago, for a boys weekend at the Auckland boat show. Harry came back all relaxed and fresh, laughing at his Dad who refused to jump (bungy) off the sky tower.
While the boys were away, I thought me and the four girls would have a lovely few days. Unfortunately I forgot to let them in on the 'lovely time' bit, and for some reason they all had long moments of being very difficult. Deane returned home to one sadly disillusioned Mother. (Me, the swamp thing). Tell ya what! I had to turn my face to stone (to prevent scowling/swearing etc), at one point I slammed the door on my way out for a quick 8kilometer run, nearly too angry to enjoy it. So, I finally got my passport photo (on-going drama..the passport, fear of flying etc)..and my goal is to get to New York this year. It gets easier to leave the kids as they get older...maybe they will appreciate what I do for them if I am away for a few weeks? Hmmmmm.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

drama in suburban house wife land

What do you think of my domestic goddess attempt? Short bread recipe to a gingerbread boy shape. Pink icing and sprinkles and they march off to kindy and school. Brownie points for me.
My brand new cuisinart food processor just stopped working. I lugged it up 140 steps, paid nearly sixhundred big dollars for it and it stopped working in two weeks. I phoned moore-wilsons and they told me to bring it in. So in the box it goes, down stairs, lugged into the shop and they suggested they repair it. I said I dont want a repaired machine after only two weeks. They offered to find the exact same chrome one in the other store. I stated that I had done enough running around after the machine, so if they could deliver it to my house that would be great. They dont do deliveries, so I lugged my same but different one into the car, up the stairs and have started using it again! Gosh! Drama on the high sea's.
Okay! I know you ae clearly interested on the wee piggies. They are well loved. Even I (col-hard-eat-nails-for-breakfast-bitch) have fallen for them. The spend a bit of time lying around on peoples chests, munching on apples and watching t.v. They enjoy poo-ing on the floor. Their pee is a milky color and is abundant. They 'bring' straw into the house. I vacum more, and wash the floors more. I wash clothes more, (peed on clothes). The kids have more hay fever, but don't seem to mind.
A thing the kids have taught me this week?
Kids are not allowed to swear but mums and dads are (stated by a four year old).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The piggies progress

Okay, not to go on..(no..I am not know for that), but these little piggies..(not the children...the animals)must be the most social piggies alive. They get cuddled and talked to every morning before school and after school, long into the evening. Paloma grabs one (gently) on arriving home from kindy. The piggies play in her barbie car..(poor piggie-zooming around the floor in a pink plastic fantastic-I put a stop to it...), they do art with her, and help her write. They dance alot to Michael Jackson. Quite a few guests of the kids have cuddled/squished them and tomorow they are both going to kindergarten to be patted and fed by about 40 four year olds. So saying, they seem to be having more of a wild life than me!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome to our new family members..

After years of the children pleading for a pet...and I mean years...we have extended our family by two. Our two boys are 'Sherlock' and 'Toothpick'. Harry is very happy to have brothers at last. The kids no longer have to resort to making pets out of blowflys, slaters, spiders and rocks. The stray cat they have named 'juniper' will return to being a visitor only. Of course, kids being as they are, want one guineapig each. Personally, I don't know if I can handle five of the blighters. (In fact, I do have a wee soft spot for the little pigs..I ran out one night to give them a secret cuddle only to be met five minutes later by five kids laughing at me...). Anyhoo, welcome little pig-boys...long may you survive!
As for me getting life together, I am taking it 'one day at a time' and having a goal of accomplishing one thing, the top of the list thing. Yesterday I rehashed our insurance, and that is ongoing paperwork, phonecalls, but I am on top of it. Today I am organising the electrician for more power points in our house. I will also, before the week is out, get a quote to buy five kingsingle divan beds and mattresses for the growing crew. (See! I am meaningful.)
I have continued with my newyears resolve to make at least one drawing per day. I have been doing so since December the 28th. Honestly...I can already see improvement with my eye hand co-ordination. I draw the kids a lot while they are watching T.v. I also have been known to bribe them into being still...
My excercise and health is moving..(just)..catch up on that here.
Thankyou for your lovely comments regarding my previous post, I do take them to heart.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

empty nest syndrome?...or other bollocks?

She is off to school in a few months, and wont be making stuff for me anymore...they will give her 'little kid' scissors to use, and will outline her art work before hanging it on the school wall..(I hate that!). Anyhoo, she is the last of the five babies and for the first time in fourteen years I am a bit lost. I am feeling a tad pannicky. She has been away at kindergarten three days a week and that is also a loss for me. I have not been child free for so long. Is this empty nest syndrome?. I find it hard to find meaning to the day-god! There is so much to do, housework, organisational stuff. But that is all bollocks. I want to earn money at the same time realising that I want to do so in order to validate myself in the eyes of my family and anyone else. Sad huh? (as in pathetic sad). I long for the 'spark'. What is the right thing for me? I know housework ain't where it's at. I ache for a space to work. I am frustrated, (and moaning about it). I ask myself (and you) the idea of little old me painting all day and night in a studio and exhibiting and selling work just a bit of idealistic crappo?, a dream that has kept me going during all these years of pre-school kid-life? Is it all too middleclass/idealistic/housewife bullshite?
This personal saga has somewhat diminished my drive and focus regarding my running. I am not running enough-making me feel even worse. The thing is,it is about my attitude, my head space. I am feeling old. Oh yah, to top it off, I finally had an eye test. I need to wear glasses permanently...(what a difference they have made). Everything I was seeing was a little blurry around the edges, my eyes were straining -near and far. I guess it explains the headaches and ache and sandpaper in the eyes. hmmm.....

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Are these healthy snacks? Fairy bread, nuttella on white rolls, and lollies....hmmm...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The sevens....and grumbling...

Why did I take this photo?

Do I love a man in uniform?

I made it to the Saturday of the sevens. It was 'wow' as usual! I think the party atmosphere was bigger even than last year. Rugby? What Rugby? or...what is rugby? ...or, are they playing rugby or football? (after being there two years in a row). Deane couldn't make it unfortunately, but while I was away, he managed to crack a rib, falling on the auger. Ummm...and I am sure you all know what an 'auger' is..ya know..that big phallic thing that is attached to the end of the digger...(yes the digger in our back yard). The auger digs holes through earth and rock. Anyhow, Mr D tripped and fell over it and cracked a rib. He can feel it scraping the side of his lung when he breathes. He is living on pain killers...and not walking, running, skydiving, scuba diving, horse riding, ballet dancing at the moment....
The fact of the matter, at this moment, I am in a completely foul mood. I dont know if it is the pimples on my face, the flab on my stomach, how the New Zealand team played.., or how the Scottish team played (worse). But they all look so,so good in their little shorts. I cant be angry for too long. My foul mood  could be the result of a huge mess in my house that I cant seem to control. More junk arrived up the stairs again tonight. I'm not one to complain...yes I am actually. So much for interesting posts huh!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

we've had two days of 'nearly summer'.....

Deane built the kids a tree hut in the pohutakawa.

Paloma makes carrot and apple juice...she eats most of the apple.

The wild tree girl...

the view from the tree house..

The iceblock eaters...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello and Welcome 2010! Happy New Year!

The kids are actually shaping 2010 with their hands but are in the wrong order...huh! Too much apple juice!
Hello 2010! We bought in the new year, as it turned out, at home, dancing in a line..(not line dancing) around the kitchen bench. The kids went wild as we counted down with the radio blasting.

We had, a few hours before hand, travelled down to the civic square where live bands and a few thousand people were. By about 10, the four year old was saying how tired she was. She wanted to go to bed. By 11.30, I realised they were all requesting, at different times to go home. The music was 'too loud', there was not any food, and the 13year old was 'bored'. I, was enjoying the music and would have danced if it wern't for the four year old sucking her fingers on my lap. So- off home then! Arriving home at 11.40pm, we flicked on the radio party and I poured Mr Drew and I a port. We put Paloma into bed..(asleep in 4 seconds) and then we danced with the kids till 2010 hit.

New years day we spent with a huge sleep in, followed by a walk into town for an icecream. The walk in took about one hour, the eating of icecreams about fifteen minutes, (actually, I had water because it is the new year and I am on a mish to loose 4kg ..Deane had nothing except some of my water because he is determined to loose weight this year.)...anyhoo.. the kids ate icecream then we decided to walk home. The Wellington wind was ferocious, making life less enjoyable so we didn't  amble. Three of the kids scootered back around the bay being pushed the entire way home. They reported fast speeds and lots of excitement.
Tell ya what though, I am entirely sick of this constant near hurricane force wind! We stayed inside once home, it being too windy to do anything outside....It's been blowing a gale all year!
My goals for this year will be  draw every day, even a scrap of a drawing will do. (So far I can report a drawing a day since december 26th!). I will attend life drawing sessions once per week ( I can now without having to organise a babysitter..Paloma is attending kindy on that particular day for a 6 hour session!). I also have decided, seeing I have no room to paint..(this fact makes me cry with frustration...anyhoo! onwards and upwards blahblah..), I will draw a smidgion of life on to a large canvas when ever I have a fraction of time...I will paint the whole thing when I have the space...this will be my 'domestic artist' painting.
I also am to get serious with my excersise goals,  that is..I aim to kick an sub 4 hour marathon, and will think about an ultra. I am aiming on running an average of 50kilometers per week..(how am I doing thus far?..Well, it's only the 2nd of January and I have clocked 16k..errr..which works out not much for the week so far, but over the half the week was so last decade!). I will detail my excercise goal in my other blog .
2009 was a good year. Bless it! I am optimistic about the year to come...every part of my life is about being, accepting and reaching....
Thanks for reading.