Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Izzy and Rose played crazy girls out side of our rental holiday house in Ohakune. We drove there for my 'goat' race, which turned out to be not so much a race but an endurance slog through mud.
While I was ummm..'racing', the kids played, watched sky, and a  couple went for a bush walk with Catherine.Here is a pic of Reuben after the goat race. He completed it a tad faster than me, and after our return, and a hot shower, he lay on the floor in recovery postition for hours. Didn't move.
ahhh..alls well that ends...with us all alive.
On a christmas note, I am up with the shopping. Santa has been very busy. I realise this sounds naf...(or something similar)..but I love christmas! I love the sparkly shiny thingo's, the tree with flickering lights, the tinsel and even the music. I really really enjoy giving presents. I love cooking for everyone and eating and walking to the beach after lunch. I think this is partly due to the fact that as a child and young adult, I never did the christmas thing...I certainly make up for it now!
I love how my kids take it all for granted. I think it's quirky that two of them still believe that Santa come's to our house and leave's presents for them. So sweet!
On the art-side, a small idea is forming...why don't I rent a shop in Newtown (I've seen the one I want,it's empty), and just open a gallery/studio. Why not? why not?


  1. Izzy's got the greatest smile in that photo!!!! (I am 'guestulating' that she's on the left?)

    Guestulating is in fact a word! I know... 'cause I made it up. :D