Friday, December 18, 2009

Paloma had her 'ka-kite' (farewell) day at kindergarten. She sat up so proudly beside her teacher and discussed her past year at kindy. They all sang three of her favourite songs to her (with actions). She watched and fiddled with her buttons while wearing her ka-kite hat and shy smile. Afterwards, she stood by the door with a basket of stickers and balloons while the children went up one by one, taking one of each and saying goodbye. Too cute!
Paloma has been wearing her ka-kite hat ever since. She arrived home from a friends fifth birthday party, all hot and bothered and went directly to her room, got the hat, grabbed a pen and paper and started writing. I love her writing, it is a form of art....

The year is finally beginning to slow down. Last night we had Drew and Izzys dance performance, they were wonderful. I have not seen them so tidy for quite a while, black leotards, black tights, black tap and jazz shoes, hair tied and pinned up, and eyemakeup. Drew made my eyes water, appearing on stage shyly...everyone was looking bravely out to the darkened audience...not my Drew though! Beautiful eyes downcast-but what a dancer! I hope she continues.
Izzy was fabulous, love's being on stage, wears the biggest grin and tapped like a trouper!
Today is the kids last day of school. My last day of momentary silence....


  1. and kisses from one proud Grandma....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Why did she leave kindergarten? I must have missed this!

  3. she is starting a new kindergarten about 5 mins walk from home..also starting new hours, 3 days per week for 6 hours per day. she will also get to meet kids she will start school with....its a logistics thing cos we loved the old kindy! very sad to go....