Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is it.

We took the kids, (who were all in terrible moods..) to 'This is it' last night. I really enjoyed it. I am a diehard MJ fan...I love the dancing, the innovation, the pizzaz! The blonde girl guitarist was fantastic and if you have seen the movie..dont you all want her boots? I know I do.
I turned myself into a stress puppy yesterday. I overbooked myself extraordinarily! The day began okay, with a coffee at off to school, I dropped Paloma at kindergarten. My 9.30am appt cancelled on me..( with a friend), so I phoned Deane. We met up and chatted. After he moved on, I was a bit bereft, and should've gone home and painted canvass's. But, knowing the house was a full blown mess, I phoned another stalwart. Thankfully she needed me to help with furniture buying so I picked her up and we shopped perused a few shops till we ended up in PUMPKIN PATCH, where together we bought a few girls clothes...nothing like furniture, I know.
We also had a coffee.
After I dropped her home, I hooned back into town..(petrol guzzling the planet (not)) to meet my 1pm appt. Unfortunately, town had turned into 'sunny-day-pre-xmas-shopping-no-parking-traffic-jam 'city...
After eventually finding a park about 2k from where I needed to be, I booted it to the terrace. I gave my box of painting's to the shop to be put up for the little exhibition next week.(load off!). I phoned Reuben (my 12.15appt), telling him I would be late. It was all getting screwy and I was feeling hot, sweaty and slightly panic-ky.(I am a time freak..I hate being late...). I ended up txting my 1pm and cancelling until Monday. Whew. I then booted it across town and met Reuben and Catherine..(this was to help him buy shoes to run 'the goat'..VERY IMPORTANT..his first real running shoes...). Then, I went with them for a coffee..(yes! another one...thats four so far..).
I then had to hotfoot it to the car (2k) and crawl back through town, the tunnel, the traffic jam's  to be home in time for Paloma to be dropped off at 2.30. I made it just in time to get a txt asking if it would be okay if Paloma was delivered home at 3.
Funny huH?
I realise I do not like the city when it is really busy, I panic.
I realise I do it to myself.
I realise I am not busy at all...being in the city just makes me feel so.
love ya.
thanks for reading.


  1. City life and activity plays tricks on you...but I love it once in a while! Sounds like you had so much fun, I love the name Paloma by the way!

  2. Thanks! Paloma means Dove, my sis suggested it while she was living in Spain...thanks for commenting..

  3. I haven't seen "This Is It" yet. Good to know it's THAT good! I'll keep it in mind!

    Funny how the city can get a person feeling "busy!"