Thursday, November 26, 2009

They are going....going....

Still on the subject of my little paintings; three sold yesterday. So, that is seven sold so far. It's pretty interesting to see how these 'walk out the door', even when in a box on the floor of the bedroom!
The lady who owns '32',(the cafe showing the paintings...) kept telling me how much she loved my large abstracts on the artreview website. She said she just knows they would sell if she could put one on her wall!..the trouble is, (all though it's not really trouble...) is that everything on artreview has sold! Gone!So, off I trotted to the artshop, and bought a meduim size canvas. I will begin painting on this TODAY.

Here is a pic of Drew (now 13) and her Granddad. Granddad is on a big downward slide now...not the brightly coloured plastic 'fun' sort of slide! He isn't how he was back then. He cant talk to them anymore...Paloma (4)often talks about him, in the context of 'hospital' and 'Michael Jackson'. (Yeah, I get it! She loves Michael Jackson and M.J died...she mentions him at least once a day, listens to his music..(tells me he is still alive in his music) and sings smooth criminal.)
So Granddad, we are thinking of you, the kids miss you.


  1. ...Granddad smiled when I gave him your message..think it was the bit about MJ...maybe they will get to make music together ??? x

  2. I hope so Aunty, we all miss you Uncle David.