Monday, November 2, 2009

Post marathon, painting, studio fantasy....

Well! I happily completed my first marathon and now am home, limping around and groaning. The kids had a great time here with Liz. Luckily Liz grew up in America so she did the halloween thing as it is meant to be done, jack o lanterns and all. Izzy was dressed in her halloween outfit (black cat, homemade ears tail etc) at 6am the morning Deane and went to Auckland. Liz said she was very insistant about the whole thing-the entire day. I'm not surprised as she had been nagging talking to me about it for the 2 weeks prior. I'm not kidding. On to other 'less important than halloween' things; here is another headline:
On being an artist.
My teeny one week show will be up at 32 the terrace on the week of the 16th November. I have done about 36 of these very small girly images. I think most of them will fit on the one wall. I have been creating these little corsets for years, they morph in size and basic shape but they find new homes extremely well. I can do them inbetween my big freestyles. I am waiting for the day when my studio is finished..(it's still in the dig the land flat-stage). Then I will be able to paint BIG. Until then, I have realised I will paint as my space allows...small. Teeny.Infantesimal. etc. On a happy note, I have sold nearly all of my very large paintings (>1metre by 1metre). I will keep reading, drawing, painting (small) till the big studio day comes, then I fantasize about throwing a huge party, and christening the space..then settling down hermit like to paint. It will happen.Like pantene hair, it wont happen overnight but it WILL happen.
I am greatful that having a studio is one of the only physical things I have to worry about. ('worry' is not quite the right word). I have a home, beautiful kids, lovely man, great sisters, good friends...what more could a gal need?
I think I could be a bit in post marathon haze actually. The world can be a beautiful place.


  1. Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion.
    The Talmud.x

  2. "Post Marathon Haze". I like that - very true I've been experiencing it myself.