Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lovin' life....

It was pissin' down, spring rain. Here are the three I was dropping off, at the bus, work, and kindergarten-respectively. The college kid has lost her anorak, one week after I spent onehundred dollars on it. I told her to find one in the lost property at school. They are all the same after all. She still hasn't arrived home with one..does no-one else lose their jackets?

..and here's a bit of sunshine. These are my fav flowers at the moment, I buy a bunch (Of 5) every week. Here, they are at the end point of the week. Peonies....

Harry told me to take a pic of him. I tried but the kid wouldn't stop face-squirming..I think he wanted to do a smouldering intense 'look', but ended up cute.
Today it is raining with a howling southerly..errr, or northerly, I cant tell, my sense of direction is less than optimal...less than basic actually. The kids are meant to go to athletics...they are all hiding in bed, pretending to sleep in. I imagine them all hoping like hell I wont take them....
(haha! Live in hope kids...for the moment)
Sometime this weekend I need to change the living area of the house completely -the new leather couch I had made (4-5 seater) is arriving on Wednesday...(what the hell sort of vegan is this chic?!, you may ask...)
This is a large project...because this house is such a mess anyway. I am about to make it more so. I really do try to be organised crisp and clean. But I will blame the man,  the house is full of boat bits, bike bits, man-tool-bits, and bits of paper that are emptied from pockets and bags onto any flat area and left there-and a few months later he will ask;' where is-that-bit-of-paper-with-important-life-changing-number/info/map/p.i.n- on it?'). And I will shrug and mumble 'dunno'...
 I will also blame the children, with toys, books, old undies, broken things, drawings, homework, old food, dirty cups etc, being left anywhere and everywhere. I, of course, will never blame myself for the mess the house finds itself in. I don't leave mystuff anywhere but where it should be. So what if my paintings, drawings, projects, are stored on walls, stacked on the floors and tumbling out of the cupboards? I am self rightously awaiting my studio where my stuff will absolutely go. Forthwith!
It's such a rubbish idea that the oldest chick in a house, the one with the saggiest boobies, should be the house cleaner!
Most of my friends and actually, even my sisters have cleaners. I don't think a cleaner would like my house. It's too messy.

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  1. You deserve a house cleaner!! Love those peonies by the way!