Saturday, November 7, 2009

Catherine's 24th birthday picnic, and Harry's concussion incident

(pic of Harry playing dead in the er).
Dear God!!! Has it truely been over a week since my last post?! Since my marathon effort last Sunday, I have not been up to much. Unlike Harry, (as the above pic shows). On his frantically fast way to school, (skateboard)  he got a case of the speed wobbles while hooning it down Rata rd..(Rata road is a very steep street which falls sharply from our hill, right down to the sea level.); Harry's head met the road at about 25k an hour. He walked around in circles for a bit, then hobbled to school, focused on one thing only-getting his homework in on time! He limped straight into the medical room, and asked the office staff to..please make sure his teacher got his homework. (I guess you are wondering why an eleven year old boy is so eager to get the homework done in? Its called bribery...he will score a scooter if he continues to hand in completed homework till the end of the year. Yay!) Anyhoo!. the school contacted me and I collected the boy, thinking he was just shaken up-so, of course, took him to (clears throat guiltily-well it solves all my little problems dosn't it!)
He started saying he was really tired, so I told him we would just..'nip in to Moore Wilsons'...Hmmmm..great mothering Catherine...
On our way to Mw's, he started complaining of feeling ill...turning pale...and trying to sleep. It was at this point I thought maybe an emergency room would be a wise idea.
We made it through awful traffic with the poor boy dry retching out the window..(me in the background telling him not to vomit on my new car...).
I parked the car in my usual errrr...'style' with Harry vomiting out the window. We trudged into the er,where we spent the next five hours. Diagnosed with concussion, the doctors only let us home when Deane told them he was a dr and could look after him at home. Thanks Harry for the fun times!!!
On a lighter note, today was a beautiful day, a great day to celebrate Catherines 24th birthday. We drove to Paremata surf club, and meandered to a grassy beachfront picnic spot. Catherine is Reubens partner. Reuben is Deanes son, which makes him my step son...(i know, i know...I'm far far too young to have children of 24...go ahead! say it!). There fore, Catherine is my step-daughter-in-pardner-law...hmmmm.
Anyhoo..lovely young woman...a shining example of step-daughter-in-pardner-inlawnessesssesss etc...
Sometimes family ties are a tad...errrr...shall we say..complicated?
love ya.
thanks for reading.


  1. Oh, poor Harry!! Concussions are scary for kids but he was a trooper and very responsible(bribery is a confirmed parenting tool of negotiation!). Hope he gets better soon! Happy Birthday Catherine!

  2. I hope he'll recover OK! That's downright scary!

    Happy Birthday to Catherine!

  3. ha ha about getting his homework turned in and going straight to the nurse...what a kid..i guess the bribery is working....wishing him a quick recovery