Thursday, November 26, 2009

They are going....going....

Still on the subject of my little paintings; three sold yesterday. So, that is seven sold so far. It's pretty interesting to see how these 'walk out the door', even when in a box on the floor of the bedroom!
The lady who owns '32',(the cafe showing the paintings...) kept telling me how much she loved my large abstracts on the artreview website. She said she just knows they would sell if she could put one on her wall!..the trouble is, (all though it's not really trouble...) is that everything on artreview has sold! Gone!So, off I trotted to the artshop, and bought a meduim size canvas. I will begin painting on this TODAY.

Here is a pic of Drew (now 13) and her Granddad. Granddad is on a big downward slide now...not the brightly coloured plastic 'fun' sort of slide! He isn't how he was back then. He cant talk to them anymore...Paloma (4)often talks about him, in the context of 'hospital' and 'Michael Jackson'. (Yeah, I get it! She loves Michael Jackson and M.J died...she mentions him at least once a day, listens to his music..(tells me he is still alive in his music) and sings smooth criminal.)
So Granddad, we are thinking of you, the kids miss you.

Monday, November 23, 2009

what didn't happen to my little paintings...

Well, I sold only 2 teeny paintings for the week..a bit disappointed as I was envisioning thousands of dollars in my pocket. Obviously I havn't got the manifesting thingo down pat. I will pick the remaining paintings up today and will put them somewhere else. Justine wants me to send them to Nelson to put up there...hmmmm..what to do!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lovin' life....

It was pissin' down, spring rain. Here are the three I was dropping off, at the bus, work, and kindergarten-respectively. The college kid has lost her anorak, one week after I spent onehundred dollars on it. I told her to find one in the lost property at school. They are all the same after all. She still hasn't arrived home with one..does no-one else lose their jackets?

..and here's a bit of sunshine. These are my fav flowers at the moment, I buy a bunch (Of 5) every week. Here, they are at the end point of the week. Peonies....

Harry told me to take a pic of him. I tried but the kid wouldn't stop face-squirming..I think he wanted to do a smouldering intense 'look', but ended up cute.
Today it is raining with a howling southerly..errr, or northerly, I cant tell, my sense of direction is less than optimal...less than basic actually. The kids are meant to go to athletics...they are all hiding in bed, pretending to sleep in. I imagine them all hoping like hell I wont take them....
(haha! Live in hope kids...for the moment)
Sometime this weekend I need to change the living area of the house completely -the new leather couch I had made (4-5 seater) is arriving on Wednesday...(what the hell sort of vegan is this chic?!, you may ask...)
This is a large project...because this house is such a mess anyway. I am about to make it more so. I really do try to be organised crisp and clean. But I will blame the man,  the house is full of boat bits, bike bits, man-tool-bits, and bits of paper that are emptied from pockets and bags onto any flat area and left there-and a few months later he will ask;' where is-that-bit-of-paper-with-important-life-changing-number/info/map/p.i.n- on it?'). And I will shrug and mumble 'dunno'...
 I will also blame the children, with toys, books, old undies, broken things, drawings, homework, old food, dirty cups etc, being left anywhere and everywhere. I, of course, will never blame myself for the mess the house finds itself in. I don't leave mystuff anywhere but where it should be. So what if my paintings, drawings, projects, are stored on walls, stacked on the floors and tumbling out of the cupboards? I am self rightously awaiting my studio where my stuff will absolutely go. Forthwith!
It's such a rubbish idea that the oldest chick in a house, the one with the saggiest boobies, should be the house cleaner!
Most of my friends and actually, even my sisters have cleaners. I don't think a cleaner would like my house. It's too messy.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

cool people....????

my 'cool people' (followers) is not working! why why? I have tried to fix it, but it's hard because I don't know what's wrong. Damn it! I need to be a tech-head....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

life change's...

MMMMMmmmmm...we love our spirilina,blended with frozen blueberries, a ripe banana and apple juice! Yummy!
Well, I was truely inspired today by the most unlikely source. One of Harrys friends, (a twelve year old boy..) gets out of bed at 4.30 in the morning and paints for two hours! Then of course he goes off to school...
Makes me sort of want to weep for some reason...(lost youth....)
Anyhoo, my goal (from tomorow..) is to get out of bed at  5 and paint/draw/create. I do rise at 5, but I generally blog and drink coffee, and meditate a tad. I was so inspired by the story of this lad, that I infact prepared three canvass's to work on this afternoon.
I have also just (this afternoon) enrolled Paloma in a new kindy for 2010. She will be there three days per week from 8.30 am till 2.30pm. This folks, is exciting. This will be the longest time I have had sans kids for thirteen years. I am already starting to bubble...a gut feeling. I can feel it brewing...(and no...its not a fart).
I think it will be quite freeing. I promise not to do any house-stoopid-work. I wont go to the gym. I wont visit cafe's. I will paint, draw and  get it all off the ground.
Future stuff really huh! The stuff of dreams.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is it.

We took the kids, (who were all in terrible moods..) to 'This is it' last night. I really enjoyed it. I am a diehard MJ fan...I love the dancing, the innovation, the pizzaz! The blonde girl guitarist was fantastic and if you have seen the movie..dont you all want her boots? I know I do.
I turned myself into a stress puppy yesterday. I overbooked myself extraordinarily! The day began okay, with a coffee at off to school, I dropped Paloma at kindergarten. My 9.30am appt cancelled on me..( with a friend), so I phoned Deane. We met up and chatted. After he moved on, I was a bit bereft, and should've gone home and painted canvass's. But, knowing the house was a full blown mess, I phoned another stalwart. Thankfully she needed me to help with furniture buying so I picked her up and we shopped perused a few shops till we ended up in PUMPKIN PATCH, where together we bought a few girls clothes...nothing like furniture, I know.
We also had a coffee.
After I dropped her home, I hooned back into town..(petrol guzzling the planet (not)) to meet my 1pm appt. Unfortunately, town had turned into 'sunny-day-pre-xmas-shopping-no-parking-traffic-jam 'city...
After eventually finding a park about 2k from where I needed to be, I booted it to the terrace. I gave my box of painting's to the shop to be put up for the little exhibition next week.(load off!). I phoned Reuben (my 12.15appt), telling him I would be late. It was all getting screwy and I was feeling hot, sweaty and slightly panic-ky.(I am a time freak..I hate being late...). I ended up txting my 1pm and cancelling until Monday. Whew. I then booted it across town and met Reuben and Catherine..(this was to help him buy shoes to run 'the goat'..VERY IMPORTANT..his first real running shoes...). Then, I went with them for a coffee..(yes! another one...thats four so far..).
I then had to hotfoot it to the car (2k) and crawl back through town, the tunnel, the traffic jam's  to be home in time for Paloma to be dropped off at 2.30. I made it just in time to get a txt asking if it would be okay if Paloma was delivered home at 3.
Funny huH?
I realise I do not like the city when it is really busy, I panic.
I realise I do it to myself.
I realise I am not busy at all...being in the city just makes me feel so.
love ya.
thanks for reading.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Catherine's 24th birthday picnic, and Harry's concussion incident

(pic of Harry playing dead in the er).
Dear God!!! Has it truely been over a week since my last post?! Since my marathon effort last Sunday, I have not been up to much. Unlike Harry, (as the above pic shows). On his frantically fast way to school, (skateboard)  he got a case of the speed wobbles while hooning it down Rata rd..(Rata road is a very steep street which falls sharply from our hill, right down to the sea level.); Harry's head met the road at about 25k an hour. He walked around in circles for a bit, then hobbled to school, focused on one thing only-getting his homework in on time! He limped straight into the medical room, and asked the office staff to..please make sure his teacher got his homework. (I guess you are wondering why an eleven year old boy is so eager to get the homework done in? Its called bribery...he will score a scooter if he continues to hand in completed homework till the end of the year. Yay!) Anyhoo!. the school contacted me and I collected the boy, thinking he was just shaken up-so, of course, took him to (clears throat guiltily-well it solves all my little problems dosn't it!)
He started saying he was really tired, so I told him we would just..'nip in to Moore Wilsons'...Hmmmm..great mothering Catherine...
On our way to Mw's, he started complaining of feeling ill...turning pale...and trying to sleep. It was at this point I thought maybe an emergency room would be a wise idea.
We made it through awful traffic with the poor boy dry retching out the window..(me in the background telling him not to vomit on my new car...).
I parked the car in my usual errrr...'style' with Harry vomiting out the window. We trudged into the er,where we spent the next five hours. Diagnosed with concussion, the doctors only let us home when Deane told them he was a dr and could look after him at home. Thanks Harry for the fun times!!!
On a lighter note, today was a beautiful day, a great day to celebrate Catherines 24th birthday. We drove to Paremata surf club, and meandered to a grassy beachfront picnic spot. Catherine is Reubens partner. Reuben is Deanes son, which makes him my step son...(i know, i know...I'm far far too young to have children of 24...go ahead! say it!). There fore, Catherine is my step-daughter-in-pardner-law...hmmmm.
Anyhoo..lovely young woman...a shining example of step-daughter-in-pardner-inlawnessesssesss etc...
Sometimes family ties are a tad...errrr...shall we say..complicated?
love ya.
thanks for reading.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Post marathon, painting, studio fantasy....

Well! I happily completed my first marathon and now am home, limping around and groaning. The kids had a great time here with Liz. Luckily Liz grew up in America so she did the halloween thing as it is meant to be done, jack o lanterns and all. Izzy was dressed in her halloween outfit (black cat, homemade ears tail etc) at 6am the morning Deane and went to Auckland. Liz said she was very insistant about the whole thing-the entire day. I'm not surprised as she had been nagging talking to me about it for the 2 weeks prior. I'm not kidding. On to other 'less important than halloween' things; here is another headline:
On being an artist.
My teeny one week show will be up at 32 the terrace on the week of the 16th November. I have done about 36 of these very small girly images. I think most of them will fit on the one wall. I have been creating these little corsets for years, they morph in size and basic shape but they find new homes extremely well. I can do them inbetween my big freestyles. I am waiting for the day when my studio is finished..(it's still in the dig the land flat-stage). Then I will be able to paint BIG. Until then, I have realised I will paint as my space allows...small. Teeny.Infantesimal. etc. On a happy note, I have sold nearly all of my very large paintings (>1metre by 1metre). I will keep reading, drawing, painting (small) till the big studio day comes, then I fantasize about throwing a huge party, and christening the space..then settling down hermit like to paint. It will happen.Like pantene hair, it wont happen overnight but it WILL happen.
I am greatful that having a studio is one of the only physical things I have to worry about. ('worry' is not quite the right word). I have a home, beautiful kids, lovely man, great sisters, good friends...what more could a gal need?
I think I could be a bit in post marathon haze actually. The world can be a beautiful place.