Monday, October 5, 2009

What I'm reading..

I am reading the book, Eat, Pray, Love, (by Elizabeth Gilbert in case you want to go out a get a copy) so now, I obviously want to travel to India and spend a month or two in an ashram. The practicality of doing so rate, to one half. Reason's for the dull 'practicality score' are, foremost, the kids, and second foremost is the fear of flying...(hey! that would make a great title for a book...'fear of flying'...wonder if anyone's thought about it?). I have asked Mr Drew if he would come along for the ride and he isn't that keen. I think it's because he finds it hard to sit on the floor and cross his legs. So he is the third foremost reason of the low score. It make's me think that it (my life) isn't all about me. Hmmmm........
I guess I will have to do my 'search-for-everything' from home...for now.
I am also reading Molecules of Emotion, the science behind mind-body medicine. A friend gave it to me, not because she found it an amazing, cant-put-down, must read book, but because it was dry and technical...she thought I might enjoy it....hmmmmm..(me in thinking pose..)
I like the idea of reading it, I am very interested in the mind-body blah blah. The book however is not engaging...but I am slogging through it in the hopes that something might stick.
For fun I have started reading Witi Ihimaera. I have heard about him for a long time, as a great writer, NZ icon etc etc. I finally bought his book, The Matriarch. Tell ya what!!..the man is a GREAT writer and story teller. I have a goal of reading everything he has ever written.
I am also, studying my way through The Winners Bible. It is taking a long time (all good things do apparently) because I am doing all the excersise's therein. I even had to order an A5 clear file to put my stuff into...
And if you are wondering..yes! I always have way more than one book at a time going. I read a lot, but not as much as I would like to. Last night, for example, when I could have been reading, I watched (in a moronic coma), a t.v movie called 'hackers'. I only watched it because it was so outragously early 1990's, and Angelina Jolie was playing a computer savy teen...(must have been her worst movie ever).
There is one more week of school holidays. Today I am collecting one of Izzys friends from the airport..(poor kid..flying into Wellington when it's blowing a gale is the stuff of legends) I will be blessed with 6 kids for the next four days...pray for me, pray for the sun to show, pray for the kids.


  1. I'll come to India with you....of course I will....we can stay with hannah's sister! Lets do it!
    Justine of course

  2. Hey, I happen to be going to India around October/November 2010 - Why don't you both come with me?

  3. hey>....i would love to...will keep in mind...three could be a lucky flying number?...

  4. ...four could be even luckier....???

  5. Eat, Pray, Love... it was inspirational!