Saturday, October 10, 2009

Married for one year...

' The Rose' had saved up her clothing money and went on a shopping spree. She is very happy with her choice's...did a bit of modling for me.
Anyhoo, we bought a car/truck thing, so now we are the happy owners of a vehicle with a current warrant of fitness! This is a big thing in our lives...ya know, having a legal car. Wahoo! Its flippin' shiny and comfortable too, with eight seats so we can fit one extra person if so desired! Sharyn, (our old car) is now up for sale....anyone need a seven seater vw?
I am not sure what we will name the new one....Bruce? Brutus? Warren(t)? Any idea's?
My marathon training is nearly over, and I am looking forward to the taper...while being nervous about the big race. I am feeling well and good, am slightly nervy about injury so am being extra careful.
I have started painting my 36 teeny canvasses for my next teeny one wall exhibition. I am donating one to the school for a fundraiser auction, and two are going to my masseus (we swop-massage's for painting....). A further two are going to another friend who did my make up for my wedding which is BTW, one whole year ago (tomorow!)
Yes! Monday is our one year anniversary. We have bought each other gifts (paper....yep..books) and will go out to dinner for a romantic dinner on Monday night. What a year it's been, furiously fast...

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  1. I also name my vehicles. I have a Jeep. Her name is "Ruby Jane Rubicon". lol

    Congrats on the new vehicle and on your anniversary!