Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting the kids to pick up after themselves...the black bag method...

The sun has been a scarce entity in our corner of the planet. When it finally joined us, the kids and I bought chips, sugar water, some french bread sticks and planted ourselves at scorching bay. Unfortunately, the southerly was at the beach as well, so before we all turned to blue, we were back in the truck and heading home.
I have been running in a hell of a lot of rain, wind and general weathergod mayhem , and it has finally got to me...the first 'legal' day of my taper for the marathon and I am struck down with bodyaches, head aches and all the other boring illness descriptions. I am ruminating on whether or not to do my wee 7k tonight...hmmmmm....what to do! what to do!- (furrowed brow).
On a domestic note, I have completed all 36 wee corset paintings. I will be taking them in to the little 'one wall' show and hopefully I wont see them again...fly little prettys!...off to new homes!
As for my home, I found a new way to get the kids to pick up after themselves. Do you want to know how? ..be ready to be amazed!
I bought a big plastic rubbish bag..(the un-ecco sort) and in went everything left on the living area floor. This morning, Harry was searching for his shoes and sweatshirt to wear to school-I told him to check the....(ominous deep voice).... black bag!. He was pretty cross on finding he had to do a job, or pay me 50cents cash to retrieve the items. (He stormed off to empty the compost bin...)
I am hoping this will work. Fifty cents is a lot of cash to find for my kids. I may have to up the price for the 13 year old, I think she has more cash than me what with her dog walking job. The black bag method will work..I am determined it will...she says through gritted teeth...


  1. I know what would happen in my house. It would become full of black bags. :-(

    I'm sure my two would think the black bags are far more convenient - they'd know where to find everything in an instant. In fact, I can visualise my son throwing his Lego, clothes, colouring in pencils etc etc all into the black bag!

    Good luck with that!

  2. now you mention it, the black bag has been on the floor for days now,izzys shoes and top are in it..but she has not needed them...so hasnt asked...hmmm....