Thursday, October 22, 2009

A challenging morning.. would you react to the following?
It started as a normal morning, except I knew I would not be able to use my new car as it had the caravan attached which was headed in for a warrant. (I can't drive with trailers around town..). Paloma and I quite happily jumped in 'Sharyn' the old VW, and headed towards kindergarten to drop Paloma off. While driving Paloma opened the window, (7degrees outside). I asked her to close the window. She could not. I could not. Parking at the kindergarten, I thumped around with the buttons and the window wouldn't budge. I tried the drivers seat window. It went down and unfortunately for me, it would not go up.
I left Paloma happily (and warmly) playing at kindy while I took Sharyn to paige european. It was a very cold fifteen minute drive. (I was only dressed in light tshirt and cotton cardigan-the plan being to only 'pop' in to kindy then home.) The mechanics said I could leave the naughty car while they tried to figure it out. I started walking home, knowing I could walk down to the boat sheds to retrieve car number 2, the van.
Getting to the van, (half an hour later), I jumped in and drove to kilbirnie to buy Rose stationary for a homework project. Returning to the van with said 'goods', I turned on the ignition and .... well...nothing happened. I heard a few clicky whirring sounds, but the van was dead...
I screamed into the steering wheel.
Now, here is where all the self improvement bollock I read and listen to -should come into play.
I must tell you- it did. Sort of.
Instead of raging and panicking, I took a deep breath, and realised it is 'but a moment in time'.
Then I realised I really really wanted to pee.
It too, was a moment in time and as they say, how long a moment is-depends on what side of the toilet door you are on.
I also realised that I had an hour to figure it all out as I had to pick Paloma up.
My solutions?
I phoned AA and they informed me someone would be out in...60minutes or less.
60minutes?...can I hold that amount of pee in for that long?
I phoned a friend and asked them if they would be prepared (if van thing did not move on time) to pick Paloma from kindergarten...(yep..they were fine with it).
Then I waited...and waited...and wriggled around, sweated a bit.
5o minutes later, AA arrived and discovered a loose battery wire. Simple.
I drove straight to a friends and used the loo, had a cup of tea, picked up Paloma.
The van is at the mechanics and Sharyn is still at her mechanic.
The new car is now available for me to use but I am thinking of buying a little scooter for me and my side kick so for summer we can scoot places.


  1. What are the chances of that - BOTH vehicles crapping themselves!! Are you laughing yet?

    Okay, maybe I'll check back in a week. :-D

  2. I know the feeling. Statesman had broke window and dash lights that wouldn't work, few other things and $590 later, mostly in parts. Effie needed plugs, leads and a tune up, also noticed the front main is leaking and the brakes had the vacuum off so felt like no power assist (try stopping a 2 3/4tonne vehicle without power assisted brakes) Now landy had a leaking rear diff seal that I've changed twice and it still leaks. You know what they say about landrovers, they only stop leaking oil when they run out.

  3. im laughing now....back in my warranted, registered car...i really appreciate cars that work...p.s paul! we have named the new car...PARIS GOLDMEMBER.
    cool huh?