Monday, September 28, 2009

selling holidays...marathon training...

Drew took this pic a few months back. Too pretty!

It is the first day of the school hols today..and of course it is p**'n down! So, the kids are watching 'Beverley Hills Chiuaua', and its not even 9am.

Well! I had a month of selling paintings...all up..I sold 6 large paintings in the space of three weeks...and my name was mentioned in the newspaper as an 'artist' who became part of a collection!. Yes! I cut out the page and highlighted my name in neon and put it in my portfolio.

Talk about famous!!!

So,my project for October is to complete 36 small canvasses with my 'corsets' to put up in cafe 32 (the terrace) in early November. I have prepared them all with the fabrics, now I just need to paint them. Hmmmm. No pressure. We all know how easy it is to focus on work with six kids around in the school holidays -in a small house-while its raining. Yeah, right.
If I could stay awake till after 10pm, I could do it then, but getting out of bed at 5am leaves me ready for bed by 9.30pm...weird huh? I wish I didn't have to sleep.
I am still attempting to meditate everyday...this particular goal is not too successful at the present time. I have full confidence that I will grab it and sit with it eventually though. Maybe I should make a date with it?
Marathon training is rockin along:
I am still nervous about the distance, but have realised I am anxious about being anxious on the actual morning of the race! I know I can run/limp/crawl to the's the start I don't enjoy. The hours before race's freak stomach turns to mush, I shake and feel dizzy...all the work of an over abundance of adrenaline. Something to work on huh!


  1. I agree, the hours before a marathon are so difficult..I just want the thing to start!

    Congratulations on your paintings, how exciting!

  2. I can't imagine having to cram all of that in.... with kids to boot!

    If you don't have time for meditation try being mindful of your actions.

    Really concentrate on each and everything your body has to do to perform a task. Marry this with deep breathing and it is a form of mediation that Buddhist monks use.

    This way you can do laundry and get your meditation in! It's harder than it sounds..... the mind tends to wander.

    Congrats on the paintings!