Thursday, September 3, 2009

lessons from the dove...

This is how Paloma spends nearly every afternoon. We come home from kindergarten, she zooms around eating, playing, then she goes quiet and drags her blanky, and the brown blanket (her favourite) and collapses on the couch.
I sometimes take a lesson from her.
Yesterday, I turned the stereo off, stopped 'doing', and sat on the couch and attempted to just 'be'. Yep, meditation...I had about 30 minutes before the kids/mayhem arrived from school so I stared at the clock on the wall (serenely) trying to slow time down.
It did not work.
Time is a bigger thing than me.
I am going to Nelson tonight. Today will be full of checking and rechecking that I have everything needed for tramping. Justine tells me we are not doing the Nelson lakes anymore (sigh), we are doing Mt Owen. I have not google earthed it...I am up for the surprise of it all, and will go with the flow. It better be big and scarey though, or I will insist on running it.


  1. Hope it lived up to the expectation...i didn't catch you running any of it!

  2. actually..i did run a tad..catching up to u on the last get some food...that u had...remember...