Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tripping in Gisborne....

I thought I would include a pic of Paloma's exhibition.
She spent an hour drawing, then glued the art to the wall. They truly are lovely drawings, but they are stuck-fast.

Here also is a pic of my lovely Drew. She is wearing the first skirt she has ever made. She printed images on the hem border using a potato.

Anyhoo, as for our road trip to Gisborne, it went well. It's a freakin' long way to drive, especially at the rate of knots I drive. We began the trip on Thursday after work, so drove to Hastings and found a motel. It was a bit scuzzy, but that's what you get when you dont pre-book and arrive in a small town after 10pm. The reason we stayed in Hastings : splash planet fun park. The kids were gagging to go, so we got up pretty early the next morning, bought a few togs for peeps that 'forgot' to pack theirs and headed off to splash planet.
It was closed.
They close for winter. HMPFFF. Thats what you get when you don't check stuff in a small town.
Any hoo, we got a good bit of shopping done, (wry smile) shopping being a very cool pair of sunglasses for moi. Very important. We drove to Napier, taking the time to stop and do the touristy stuff for kids in Marine park. Actually, sharks and stingrays etc swimming above my head was pretty cool...sumthin' about big fish.......
We drove on through to Gisborne which took us nearly four hours. After arriving at 'gran'ma's', we unpacked, ate and basically had a really really early night. We visited old friends, visited the kids Gran'dad in hospital, went for a long run, out for dinner, to the pool and had a fabulous day on the beach turning drift wood into teepee's. We stayed for four days and spent the entire Tuesday in the car, driving from 9am and arriving home at nearly 5pm. The kids were gloriously cranky, as was I. Dinner was sausages (only the best quality of course) wrapped in white bread with fried onions and sauce. (I had fruit salad...being the vegan of the family). I spent 2 hours washing the girls hair, brushing and drying it. By the time we were unpacked, cleaned etc, I was too (emotionally )wrung out to go for a run. Which is exactly the right time to run...but I often don't.
I am back and working hard to return to my rut. That's where I like it, organised, methodical and getting things done. Holidays wreck my rut.


  1. know what you mean about the art work. I arrived home tonight to find my hotrod magazines all over the lounge floor and the centrefold cars all torn out. Mokopuna had mum putting them all up on his bedroom walls. Hmmm, art. I like Paloma's efforts though, great idea on the dress, very well done. Nice having creative kids, mine only make messes and babies

  2. hmmmm Paul! your kids make babies, sounds pretty creative to me actually. Hot rod magazine pics are so wonderful they need to be on a wall so well done to your mokopuna...