Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Please come back Maranui!

My boy has taken to making my herbal tea, placing the cup on a side plate and arranging sliced banana around the base of the cup. He is very 11, and very sweet. It's hard to eat it at 6am. That's the thing with kids though, I feel obligated to eat what they make me, (within reason)...I want to 'please' them!..hmmmm, wish it were vice-versa.

The art show is over and I have to wait till the 15th of August till the sales are up on the website. I am preparing myself for no sales...hmmmm...negative attitude. Low expectations mean I wont, (hopefully) be too gutted if my fears are actualized. The 'walk of shame', aptly named (by me) is one I do not enjoy. Yes, I have done it a few times~it is the walk into the gallery/event building/cafe -to pick up unsold work... a big red 'FAIL' stamped on your forehead....well, that's what it feels like to moi. What is it about me that needs a sale for validation? Gosh!...am I actually human?
Anyway, my long runs are keeping me sane while I wait.
Last weekend, about 17k into my longest run, I was running up to my favourite cafe, Maranui, when I spotted broken windows and blackened walls...I could not believe it. As I closed in on the cafe, (shocked...)I realised it had been burnt, not just a wee kitchen fire either. It had been burnt out. A fire truck was still there, I stopped and talked to a fireman. He said it had happened in the small hours. Maranui is gutted, and so am I. I continued my run,(sobbing).. sending texts to everyone with the news. I know this could sound a tad o.t.t reaction, but I have been a regular since it opened, (when Paloma was a newborn). We have had countless birthday breakfasts, coffees, vegan sushi, foxton fizz, date scones, the best range of vegan salads, scrambled tofu and secret treats for kids at Maranui. In fact, Paloma spent the first three months of her life at Maranui. She was walked around by the waiting staff, and got to 'know the kitchen. She spent so much time there that one of the waiting staff bought her a little shirt as a gift! She rode the camel charged with the old fifty cent pieces, till they changed it to the new... Paloma got a bit sad when I took the kids to see it later on in the day. She keeps talking about it. She told her kindy teachers. Thanks for the memories Maranui.


  1. I saw the fire footage on the news a few nights ago - how sad. And the fact it was in such a historic/iconic building too.

    What's the web address going to be for your art sales?

  2. they lost a lot of history, so to speak, even the hand rails up the stairs were wooden oars, old surf club photos from way back etc. Very sad.
    the art sales will be on the Nz Affordable art show 2009 homepage, under the 'for artists' section...wish me luck....