Friday, July 10, 2009

searching.....for my garmin...

Where the hell is my garmin heart rate moniter strap? where could it be?...Im so annoyed!!! I need it today...where did i put it, did a cat eat it, did the kids use it for something weird? I hate it when things disappear off into that other place, ya know, the place where the 'other' socks go, kids undies often go there too, and teaspoons, hairbands, brushes, pens, pencils, and paintbrushes. Watches spend at least some time in the 'otherness'....oh yeah, and sunglasses...(but only really expensive sunglasses go to the other place, grungy ones stay with you forever.)
gotta go and look.
stay calm.


  1. You don't have an HRM strap from another watch/monitor that you could use do you? I have three, and find they seem to work on whichever brand of watch I put it with!

  2. I think it's right next to the single shoe on the side of the road!

  3. yep, Ive tried my polar strap with no result....I'll give it another go with a better attitude....

  4. I'm still looking for my Nike sunglasses... I have a feeling they're in my husband's car. He uses my stuff when he can't find his own!

    I hope you find that strap! Too bad they're not interchangeable. I've tried that before, too.