Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christchurch...here we come...

My garmin strap is still in the land of the lost...my polar strap does not work with the garmin. I am going to keep looking, maybe 'spring' clean the house and it will turn up...NAAAAh!..it's midwinter after all.
I have been 'busy', doing not much really. School holidays go by in a blurr of children. We are taking the ferry over to Picton on Wednesday, and driving to ChristChurch. We are not exactly sure what we are going to do there, we just needed to get away. After spending 2 nights there we are going on to Hamner....(don't ask me why, we don't know...we are just going to arrive and do stuff..)
There's nothing like a road trip with 5 kids. It's so fun! The only thing I stress about is the drive...icy roads and other drivers. I also am worried about how the wee trip is going to impact on my training. (How the hell am I going to do my 27k run on Sunday when we will be driving, then ferrying, and home at 4.30? I can't just leave Deane to unpack and feed the kids....hmmmmm....or can I?!) I don't like packing or unpacking after a holiday , its the 135 steps that ruin the whole 'packing' the car thing.
I still have not sorted a concrete goal, (as per a few posts ago). I have a few sashaying around in my head, and I sort'a aim for them...but I really have to follow my own goal setting instructions...in fact..I will, dear readers, I will! Tomorow is NOT another day...today is the day! I will do it today...this is my goal for today..OMG! I am so excited....

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  1. can't wait to hear about that concrete goal :-) --Alex (aka run350)