Sunday, July 5, 2009

goal setting...I live to run again...tomorow is another day...etc

Well, this pig of a flu thing had me in bed for two days, (in between taking kid to kindy, making dinner, being sports taxi etc). I had a 'relaxing' time (in my bed..). I read a book (sort of). The four year old felt the impulse to wave a bunny in my face, among other antics, to cheer me up. I am only just nearly over it and in fact may be okay to go for a slow small ish run tonight...( ) It is mid winter, it is cold, and it is school holidays. Drew has spent the last two days lying on the couch with a fever, drinking panadol, sleeping and groaning. She smiled for the first time last night so she is on her way up. We can all only improve..(she says through hopeful gritted teeth..)
Bring on Summer! Next week, errrr, (so that's from tomorrow)..I am scheduled to run 65k. How I actually do it will be on my wordpress blog...yeah, I try to keep 'training' and 'family' separate.

Read on my patient smiling avid readers, now I am going to get all helpful and intelligent...ahem...(clears throat).
I am reading Transforming Communication, (leading edge professional and personal Richard Bolstad). What a freak'n fantastic book...apart from the obvious communication tools with a( NLP neuro linguistic programming) base, it delves into goal setting...which is a big thing for me.
I set goals, for example..having my studio built by err...Febuary this year..(has not happened), and here's another one; draw every day, (does not happen). I also paid my fee to put four paintings in the 'big Auckland art fair', but through disorganisation, did not make it in time.My latest goal of course is to run the Auckland marathon in November, (entered), run the Kepler 60k in December (am waitlisted for it), and run the Motatapu off road marathon in March 2010 (entered). They sound fabulous do they not?! Anyhoo, according to this book, (Read on my avids...make it a goal to finish reading this post..) set a successful goal I need to write down my specific goal..(we all know that huh?), but, the goal has to meet this criteria:
  • Sensory specific: describe exactly what you plan to see, hear, feel, do or say....specifically.
  • Positive:say what you do want, not what you don't want...
  • Ecological: ecology is the study of consequences. e.g what consequences will training for my goal(s) have on other parts of my life etc...make sure goal is appropriate
  • Choice increasing: opens doors....
  • Initiated by you: describe how you,not others, will act...'working out what you can actually do about a problem is a lot more fun than developing theories about what someone else should/might do.'
  • First step identified....(ummm...put on running shoes...)
  • Your resources identified: these could be, in my case, family helping out with chores, babysitters, energy, my personal trainer, inspiring books/blogs, people that have already done it...

After writing down all this stuff, the next step my friend Richard Bolstad says, is...tadaaaaa!.....planning. Gosh! Thats also a big one for me. I usually write the goal(s) down, (in 2 diarys, on my note board in bedroom, black board in kitchen, and notebooks, bits of serviettes, paper, scraps etc...oh yeah..and if I brain storm a particulary good goal in a random place with no paper, it will be transcribed on my trusty hand), and the planning part sort of gets lost in the flying paper. However, Rick babe says;

  1. Write down what prevents you having the things you want....( head space? family commitments, pure gutlessness???)....You've gotta work out what stops you from achieving your specific.
  2. List the resources you can use to achieve this goal..
  3. Brainstorm possible actions.i.e, think up possible action's to use these resources...(ummm, Kids, clean the house, Deane make dinner, I'm going for a 2 hour run..)...anyway, brainstorming means any idea is a good idea-it does not need to be critiqued.
  4. Choose which actions you will take. This is the final stage of planning..narorw down your list of possible actions and ask for each one; 'have I got the resources to do this?', does it get me closer to the goal I wrote down?'.
  5. When you know which actions to take, list them in the order in which you will act. Find a small part of the goal you can do today. Today is the day to start...(O.M.G!....panic..)

He also says to 'congratulate yourself each time you do one small step on the list/plan. This will add to your confidence.

Dont ya' love it. Writing this down has given me a bit of a kick up the you-know-what. I will keep posting on how my goal doing is going.

Feelin' good....

Love ya...

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  1. I'm a huge believer in writing goals down. It's the finding of the goals I've written down that prove more problematic.

    Rock on!