Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sporty Mondays....

This is my Monday from 3pm(ish). Kids begin noisily stomping through the front door at about 3.15. Izzy (8) and Rose (10) arrive first, throwing their bags where ever they land, (.."pick up your bags immediately and put-them-in-your-room.."). They then start the 'eating frenzy'...while I ask them how their day was..("...good" they reply very informatively). I remind Izzy that we have to leave in ten minutes (give or take) so she needs to dress in her tap dancing gear. Izzy usually whinges at this point, complains about not having time to eat..(I, the good, patient mother give my standard reply:"eat in the car", and "you are the one that wanted to tap, so-go-and-get-dressed"..etc). We are out the door by 3.30, Izzy whinging and eating and me silent, but very irritated. I leave Rose to look after Paloma. I deliver Izzy to her lesson and wait around for 30 minutes. I usually read a book in the car. The car park is dark, under cover and a bit scary. I pick Izzy up who by now is very happy as she taps her way back to the car. We drive home, I run up the 135 stairs and tell Drew (13) to be ready in 5 minutes. I issue instructions to the kids,..("stop eating, wait for dinner, do homework, no T.V" etc), remind Harry about his drum lessons, throw three dollars in his general direction for his bus fare, before running out the door, down the stairs with Drew in tow. I drop her to her Jazz dance with instructions on getting home safely. I give her bus money. I drive home, walk up the stairs (uh huh...135...). I am greeted (usually) by general mayhem. Now, I have a cup of tea, and remind Rose to dress for Hockey practice. She is generally eager and comes out 5 minutes later fully dressed, smiling at me through an orange mouth guard. I leave Izzy and Paloma on the computer and head out the door with Rose. It is now about 5.10pm. Hockey is only about 20minutes walk away, but it is through the Mt Victoria tunnel. It is rush hour. It takes us a full 25 minutes to drive there. I drop Rose off, it is now dark. I drive home (20mins) and crawl up the stairs. I have a cup of tea and tidy the living area up. Harry arrives home at about 6.15. I give him twenty dollars and instruct him regarding how many scoops of chips to get for dinner...etc. I leave the three kids and fall down the stairs, get in the car and retrieve Rose. This is a tad faster trip than the 5pm trip. The team is playing overtime so I have to find a park for the car, and stand on the sidelines...and 5degrees. I stand in mud. I am not dressed for the cold. I worry about the kids at home. I worry about Drew walking/busing home. Rose finishes and we drive home (20mins). Drew is already home, Izzy and Paloma are happy. Harry walks in the door at 6.50pm with hot chips and spring rolls...(Mondays are our takeaway night at the moment..). They smell so good. Unfortunately, I can not eat any of them, because I have a hot yoga session. I dress accordingly, clean the house a bit, issue instructions to the 5 kids, hope Deane will be home soon and I head out the door. My friend and I drive to hot yoga, find a park (a mission...Wellington never sleeps...) and I have a wonderful 60minutes of yoga in 38degrees. I return home at 9.45pm, so hungry I could eat a horse. I usually do...( a vegan horse of course). Deane is home, he arrived home about ten minutes after I left he said.

Does this sound crazy to you? Mondays feel frantic, they are my worst day...apart from the hot yoga bit. There must be an easier way...


  1. What a mad, mad family!! Crikey woman, that's absolutely frenetic! I sit down before the end of each term and try to whittle away the after school activities that really don't need to be there, or that could be rescheduled to another day (if there's an alternative) to try and even the load a bit. Man, I don't know how you do it. And with all those steps too!!!

  2. You must be very proud to be able to keep everything running smoothly.

    Life would be boring if we didn't have to be creative with the 24 hours we have in a day!


  3. you are so busy busy busy!

  4. gosh JP...thats abit know how I hate 'busy busy' bollocks.....Im not just a taxi