Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday sport, Ngaparata hoo

I am really appreciating the humor of the four year old...being my last four year old ever makes it easier. I love the fact that she dresses in fairy dresses anytime she feels the urge, pulls any face possible at anytime, and tells me she loves me...over and over again.
Today is Saturday. It is very cold and windy and showers are rolling in. I woke this morning thinking, ' might be cancelled'...(bad thoughts I know, but I have a 'cold'). I phoned the council ground closures, but they were all open. Except for one..which happens to be the ground Drew is playing on. Yay...score!!!!. Being the responsible mum I am, I check my emails and open a lovely note from the team manager saying the game has been transferred to another ground...(unscore!). Yep..I am on a proverbial roller coaster of emotion and it is not yet 7am.
I wake a couple of kids, Izzy has to be at her game by 8 and Rose at hers by 8.30. Drew had to be at hers by 8.30, and Harry's was a late one at 10.45. It was quite a reasonable, manageable morning. By the time I drove Harry to his soccer game, I was frozen. I stayed in the car and read a book on yoga, while the skinny wee lad played in 7 degrees of rain and wind.
The only game cancellation was Izzy's netball game, they are quite easy on the year fours...if it's too cold-no game.
Also this week, due to my organisation skills, I have left it too late to get three of my paintings up to Auckland for the art show. I finally pried them off Deanes office walls, only to realise (after quite a few phone calls to courier companys) that I could not get them to Auckland on time. The courier companys have a policy of not taking original art, something to do with insurance. I am happy to have them travel without insurance but the couriers are not. I need to sort out how to do it in the travels all over the do they do it?
Deane finally sold the Ngaparata. Dont tell anyone, especially Mr Drew, but it had become part of our family story. I feel a wee tinge of (surprising) regret...or loss...but at the same time...I know its just the beginning of yet a bigger-boat story. That is the sort of Mr Drew, that Mr Drew is. He wants to get the boat that is down in ChristChurch, up to Wellington. It hasnt got a motor and what ever else it takes to make a 50foot boat moveable...hmmmmmm
I guess that will be part of the story.

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