Monday, June 29, 2009

The Original IPoD....

Did you know my daughter Izzy is the original IPOD? She was born March 2001. We named her Isobella Picasso Octavia Drew...tadaaaa! For the first six months of her life, that was her,"hey! How's my little ipod today..goochy goochy....etc". Anyway, here is a pic of her dressed as one for a technical dress-up day at school. She went as a 60 gig first generation Ipod...which she is..high volume.
Drew turned the big thirteen. We took her out for 7am family breakfast at Maranui. Reuben (her big big brother) and Catherine (his girlfriend) arrived at 7.30am. The kids had raspberry foxton fizz, (gag!! that early..) and toasties. After, we drove the kids to their respective schools and Mr Drew and I bought Drew her birthday present, (which she loves...thank god!)
The following night, four of her girlfriends arrived and I dropped them off at a local dessert restaurant. I don't know what the hell they did, or how noisy they were, but I picked them up an hour later and drove them home. They all stayed the night, it was raucous, they continued eating, and by they time they were ready for the birthday cake, the other kids were in bed. So we whispered through the happy birthday song...
The girls were bloody noisy all night, I had a half marathon to run the next day, so I stomped into their room three times....with a fat 'shut-up'!.
It didn't work.


  1. Hope you managed to get some sleep! How did the half marathon go?

    I am going to Google Foxton Fiz.... sounds interresting!

  2. the half marathon (dismal time btw) is on my other blog at

    the kids love foxton fizz (sugar water)..a retro softdrink...