Thursday, June 11, 2009

My life as an artist....

With a house full of sick people..(blaaahhhh..) I have not made it to life drawing for three weeks now. I have only managed to draw birds while waiting at kindergarten, but that's about it. I have sent off my three painting for the 'Affordable Art show' which runs over three days here in Wellington. I need to pack up four more paintings for the 'big Art sale' in next Monday. I have decided on two large paintings that are hanging in Deanes surgery. I'll have to pry them off the wall, like an art thief. (He's got the wrong idea, he thinks he owns them. I was in fact, using his walls for storage.)So I just need to figure out another two to send. (I send these painting's off hoping I will never see them again...)
So, my life as an artist is in incubation.
Damn it.
As for marathon training, check it out at, .
During the unusually sunfilled weekend, Deane dug out more of the studio space. There is now a flat piece of ground-we can now build up surely! We have the piles, the windows and the door. Deane bought the roofing iron for it last week. What the hell else does a building need? of some sort I am guessing.

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