Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lino printing-(why I do it), diet modification and marathon training.

(...gosh...isnt that the best title for a post..in the world!)
I have taken to sketching birds that dance around the grass outside kindergarten. I do this in the ten or so minutes I wait before picking Paloma up. I always carry my sketchbook and pencils with me in my huge bulging black leather bag. The shite I haul around in my bag is amazing, actually I will empty it and let you know exactly what is in it...next post...(gosh...how interesting Catherine...do go on...). Anyhoo, I bought some wee squares of lino and a pack of lino cutters, and for the first time since primary school, I carved up the lino with some bird images and printed them onto beautiful paper. I then drew on them, coloured them, wrote on them, sewed on them,turned them into a book, (15 images), bound the book and gave it to a very good friend for her birthday. The book is small and looks quite precious. The prints are not perfect, but on the whole it all hangs together perfectly.

The reason I chose to begin lino prints, (c'mon, I know you are gaggin' to know..) is because printing on lino is the thing that takes up the least space. As you know, my house and life are..well...overflowing with abundant life...and this abundant life is...errr..growing. I have no room to paint, so I bought some silk screens to try that but realised that would take even more space, so I settled on lino. Little teeny squares. Between printing and life drawing I am happy and will be able to endure till my studio is built.

Rosie's tenth birthday went well with only one kid vomiting on stair number 68, then the bush then stair number 74, on our way up after McDonald's (not my idea) and the movies. (I phoned her mum who came to take her home..)

I have been keeping up with my marathon training...nearly, you can read about that at http://catherinedrew.wordpress.com/

Along with nearly keeping up my training programme, I have been modifying my diet. I added bread, (only very good quality) and pasta and rice. By re-introducing these I have more energy, I don't need to eat as much and I feel better! Hooray! I now realise, that you can have too much of a good thing..i.e fibre. I have also cut down of raw food, not because it was making me feel bad, but because it is winter, I love cooking, and it was taking over my life...I needed to read, plan, shop therefore I was thinking about food 90percent of the time. I was becoming obsessed and that is not a good thing.


  1. Got a good friend in town here who is a sculptor primarily but he can turn his hand to a lot of things artisticly. He is doing a lot of lino carvings at the moment. He's taken up surfing again after picking up a beach house on the coast southeast of Melbourne and has a huge stack of designs he wants to print on teeshirts for the surfies. His wife thinks he's crazy but he thinks he could make a bit of money selling the designs. Lino printing is pretty cool really.

  2. yep..i have t agree. I like it cos it is so basic...sort of raw. nice.