Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I did this...instead of doing my 22k run....

On Sunday, instead of going for a 22k run, I took a walk with my family. We were out of the house by 9.30am. We ambled up Mt Victoria, the kids running ahead of us, cutting through forest and whooping, the tweenager and the teenager shared an ipod and trailed behind, trying to put on a good sulk. I kept catching them smiling though. We walked over the top of the mountain and down into town, found a cafe which was pretty empty, (it was only 11am) and we bought them Italian pizza, and a drink each. I had a vegetarian panini...("hold the cheese and butter!"...one of my soap-box peeves...what is so 'vegetarian' about cheese?..answer: NOTHING!..then why does every cafe smother 'vegetarian' products with it????) and a chai, Mr Drew sipped a long black and ate some cheesy stuff. The food was nice but not worth the $94 in total we paid for it. Something about overpriced cafes in Mt Victoria I think. After eating the million dollar food, we walked to fry berg beach where the kids played. I sat around and coughed, (into the crook of my arm) and hoped no-one saw me. These days I feel like a criminal if I have a cold...

We then walked slowly (the four year old has little legs) around the bay and stopped at another beach, where Harry stalked a shag which (surprisingly) got away.

The kids played on the beach, I watched the bluebridge motor past, and the weekend yacht race. I decided, for our next outing, that we will take a thermos and buy croissants and sit on a beach to eat instead of going to a cafe. The kids are quite free range, they seem more fulfilled with stony beaches and wind in their hair than low-voiced, plastic seated places. Why am I surprised we all wonder...

We walked on, the wind picked up, we had to hold the four year old hands, to help her stay grounded. I swear it was about 2degrees wind chill factor. We arrived home a few hours later, pink cheeked and hungry. I made the kids hot Milo which they shot down before going outside. They stayed outside for hours, in the bush surrounding our house. They said they had made a marae but parents were not allowed in. The bush is quite engulfing in some parts so I guess I will never see it.

Overall, I am sort of happy I made the choice not to do my long run. Just walking bought me out in fever, my chest felt tight and I was hacking ..(into arm)..especially after the few hours we spent in the super-cold. Hopefully this means I will be of good health for the half marathon on Sunday..in 5 days.

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  1. Oh, so sorry you are sick. I think skipping the run was smart, though probably difficult. Sounds like you had a nice day with your family. Feel better and good luck with the 1/2 marathon! Ana-Maria