Monday, June 8, 2009

The first hair cut, fussy kid and live theater or cinema?

The big fat black treadmill has gone! I am breathing easier. It took up so much space and now it doesn't. Yahoo!

Well, I finally cut Paloma's beautiful long golden locks. (Drew got all spiritual and insisted on keeping it.) Her hair had never been cut. She is my baby, but I finally did it...(four years of growth). Now it hangs just below her shoulder blades, looking like silk. She looks very grown up. Good hair is wasted on the young.

I had a 'food argument' with Rose. I made dinner, (which everyone else ate, no problem) and she sat and stared at her plate sullenly. We go through this with her so often. I usually am patient, but I cracked....(egg that I am). In the end she ate a teeny weeny forkful of mashed potato and made gagging sounds. So I told her to do the dishes, (it is not her dishes night), then told her to go to bed and read. I do not want to see her again...oh yeah...she is banned from the phone. Being banned from the phone is a biggie.
God! What to do with an ultra fussy kid?!
Deane and I finally made it to circa theater and watched a play called 'Blood wedding', (by Federico Garcia Lorca, (cool name) and translated by Ted Hughes. ) Man it was sombre, confronting and at times, annoying. I haven't been to live theater for oh... ten years, so it was a bit of an uncomfortable experience for me. I find it much easier to vegetate in front of a good movie like, star trek(enjoyed it) or Terminator..(gotta get there!). No need to think. Gosh, is that what they mean, the opium of the masses! (blaaaaaaahhhhhh).
Anyway, I do want to do the live theater thing again. Live a bit Cath!

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