Monday, June 29, 2009

The Original IPoD....

Did you know my daughter Izzy is the original IPOD? She was born March 2001. We named her Isobella Picasso Octavia Drew...tadaaaa! For the first six months of her life, that was her,"hey! How's my little ipod today..goochy goochy....etc". Anyway, here is a pic of her dressed as one for a technical dress-up day at school. She went as a 60 gig first generation Ipod...which she is..high volume.
Drew turned the big thirteen. We took her out for 7am family breakfast at Maranui. Reuben (her big big brother) and Catherine (his girlfriend) arrived at 7.30am. The kids had raspberry foxton fizz, (gag!! that early..) and toasties. After, we drove the kids to their respective schools and Mr Drew and I bought Drew her birthday present, (which she loves...thank god!)
The following night, four of her girlfriends arrived and I dropped them off at a local dessert restaurant. I don't know what the hell they did, or how noisy they were, but I picked them up an hour later and drove them home. They all stayed the night, it was raucous, they continued eating, and by they time they were ready for the birthday cake, the other kids were in bed. So we whispered through the happy birthday song...
The girls were bloody noisy all night, I had a half marathon to run the next day, so I stomped into their room three times....with a fat 'shut-up'!.
It didn't work.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I did this...instead of doing my 22k run....

On Sunday, instead of going for a 22k run, I took a walk with my family. We were out of the house by 9.30am. We ambled up Mt Victoria, the kids running ahead of us, cutting through forest and whooping, the tweenager and the teenager shared an ipod and trailed behind, trying to put on a good sulk. I kept catching them smiling though. We walked over the top of the mountain and down into town, found a cafe which was pretty empty, (it was only 11am) and we bought them Italian pizza, and a drink each. I had a vegetarian panini...("hold the cheese and butter!" of my soap-box peeves...what is so 'vegetarian' about cheese?..answer: NOTHING!..then why does every cafe smother 'vegetarian' products with it????) and a chai, Mr Drew sipped a long black and ate some cheesy stuff. The food was nice but not worth the $94 in total we paid for it. Something about overpriced cafes in Mt Victoria I think. After eating the million dollar food, we walked to fry berg beach where the kids played. I sat around and coughed, (into the crook of my arm) and hoped no-one saw me. These days I feel like a criminal if I have a cold...

We then walked slowly (the four year old has little legs) around the bay and stopped at another beach, where Harry stalked a shag which (surprisingly) got away.

The kids played on the beach, I watched the bluebridge motor past, and the weekend yacht race. I decided, for our next outing, that we will take a thermos and buy croissants and sit on a beach to eat instead of going to a cafe. The kids are quite free range, they seem more fulfilled with stony beaches and wind in their hair than low-voiced, plastic seated places. Why am I surprised we all wonder...

We walked on, the wind picked up, we had to hold the four year old hands, to help her stay grounded. I swear it was about 2degrees wind chill factor. We arrived home a few hours later, pink cheeked and hungry. I made the kids hot Milo which they shot down before going outside. They stayed outside for hours, in the bush surrounding our house. They said they had made a marae but parents were not allowed in. The bush is quite engulfing in some parts so I guess I will never see it.

Overall, I am sort of happy I made the choice not to do my long run. Just walking bought me out in fever, my chest felt tight and I was hacking ..(into arm)..especially after the few hours we spent in the super-cold. Hopefully this means I will be of good health for the half marathon on 5 days.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday sport, Ngaparata hoo

I am really appreciating the humor of the four year old...being my last four year old ever makes it easier. I love the fact that she dresses in fairy dresses anytime she feels the urge, pulls any face possible at anytime, and tells me she loves me...over and over again.
Today is Saturday. It is very cold and windy and showers are rolling in. I woke this morning thinking, ' might be cancelled'...(bad thoughts I know, but I have a 'cold'). I phoned the council ground closures, but they were all open. Except for one..which happens to be the ground Drew is playing on. Yay...score!!!!. Being the responsible mum I am, I check my emails and open a lovely note from the team manager saying the game has been transferred to another ground...(unscore!). Yep..I am on a proverbial roller coaster of emotion and it is not yet 7am.
I wake a couple of kids, Izzy has to be at her game by 8 and Rose at hers by 8.30. Drew had to be at hers by 8.30, and Harry's was a late one at 10.45. It was quite a reasonable, manageable morning. By the time I drove Harry to his soccer game, I was frozen. I stayed in the car and read a book on yoga, while the skinny wee lad played in 7 degrees of rain and wind.
The only game cancellation was Izzy's netball game, they are quite easy on the year fours...if it's too cold-no game.
Also this week, due to my organisation skills, I have left it too late to get three of my paintings up to Auckland for the art show. I finally pried them off Deanes office walls, only to realise (after quite a few phone calls to courier companys) that I could not get them to Auckland on time. The courier companys have a policy of not taking original art, something to do with insurance. I am happy to have them travel without insurance but the couriers are not. I need to sort out how to do it in the travels all over the do they do it?
Deane finally sold the Ngaparata. Dont tell anyone, especially Mr Drew, but it had become part of our family story. I feel a wee tinge of (surprising) regret...or loss...but at the same time...I know its just the beginning of yet a bigger-boat story. That is the sort of Mr Drew, that Mr Drew is. He wants to get the boat that is down in ChristChurch, up to Wellington. It hasnt got a motor and what ever else it takes to make a 50foot boat moveable...hmmmmmm
I guess that will be part of the story.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sporty Mondays....

This is my Monday from 3pm(ish). Kids begin noisily stomping through the front door at about 3.15. Izzy (8) and Rose (10) arrive first, throwing their bags where ever they land, (.."pick up your bags immediately and put-them-in-your-room.."). They then start the 'eating frenzy'...while I ask them how their day was..("...good" they reply very informatively). I remind Izzy that we have to leave in ten minutes (give or take) so she needs to dress in her tap dancing gear. Izzy usually whinges at this point, complains about not having time to eat..(I, the good, patient mother give my standard reply:"eat in the car", and "you are the one that wanted to tap, so-go-and-get-dressed"..etc). We are out the door by 3.30, Izzy whinging and eating and me silent, but very irritated. I leave Rose to look after Paloma. I deliver Izzy to her lesson and wait around for 30 minutes. I usually read a book in the car. The car park is dark, under cover and a bit scary. I pick Izzy up who by now is very happy as she taps her way back to the car. We drive home, I run up the 135 stairs and tell Drew (13) to be ready in 5 minutes. I issue instructions to the kids,..("stop eating, wait for dinner, do homework, no T.V" etc), remind Harry about his drum lessons, throw three dollars in his general direction for his bus fare, before running out the door, down the stairs with Drew in tow. I drop her to her Jazz dance with instructions on getting home safely. I give her bus money. I drive home, walk up the stairs (uh huh...135...). I am greeted (usually) by general mayhem. Now, I have a cup of tea, and remind Rose to dress for Hockey practice. She is generally eager and comes out 5 minutes later fully dressed, smiling at me through an orange mouth guard. I leave Izzy and Paloma on the computer and head out the door with Rose. It is now about 5.10pm. Hockey is only about 20minutes walk away, but it is through the Mt Victoria tunnel. It is rush hour. It takes us a full 25 minutes to drive there. I drop Rose off, it is now dark. I drive home (20mins) and crawl up the stairs. I have a cup of tea and tidy the living area up. Harry arrives home at about 6.15. I give him twenty dollars and instruct him regarding how many scoops of chips to get for dinner...etc. I leave the three kids and fall down the stairs, get in the car and retrieve Rose. This is a tad faster trip than the 5pm trip. The team is playing overtime so I have to find a park for the car, and stand on the sidelines...and 5degrees. I stand in mud. I am not dressed for the cold. I worry about the kids at home. I worry about Drew walking/busing home. Rose finishes and we drive home (20mins). Drew is already home, Izzy and Paloma are happy. Harry walks in the door at 6.50pm with hot chips and spring rolls...(Mondays are our takeaway night at the moment..). They smell so good. Unfortunately, I can not eat any of them, because I have a hot yoga session. I dress accordingly, clean the house a bit, issue instructions to the 5 kids, hope Deane will be home soon and I head out the door. My friend and I drive to hot yoga, find a park (a mission...Wellington never sleeps...) and I have a wonderful 60minutes of yoga in 38degrees. I return home at 9.45pm, so hungry I could eat a horse. I usually do...( a vegan horse of course). Deane is home, he arrived home about ten minutes after I left he said.

Does this sound crazy to you? Mondays feel frantic, they are my worst day...apart from the hot yoga bit. There must be an easier way...

Monday, June 15, 2009

A deep and meaningful post on why the All blacks lost....

The A.B's were second best...I am gutted. They look so good in short shorts, yet the French walked all over can this be? On the home ground too. Did they carbo load efficiently? Were they intimidated by the wild looking man with the beard? Were their shorts too long?
I dunno...but I will continue supporting the boys. They always comeback.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My life as an artist....

With a house full of sick people..(blaaahhhh..) I have not made it to life drawing for three weeks now. I have only managed to draw birds while waiting at kindergarten, but that's about it. I have sent off my three painting for the 'Affordable Art show' which runs over three days here in Wellington. I need to pack up four more paintings for the 'big Art sale' in next Monday. I have decided on two large paintings that are hanging in Deanes surgery. I'll have to pry them off the wall, like an art thief. (He's got the wrong idea, he thinks he owns them. I was in fact, using his walls for storage.)So I just need to figure out another two to send. (I send these painting's off hoping I will never see them again...)
So, my life as an artist is in incubation.
Damn it.
As for marathon training, check it out at, .
During the unusually sunfilled weekend, Deane dug out more of the studio space. There is now a flat piece of ground-we can now build up surely! We have the piles, the windows and the door. Deane bought the roofing iron for it last week. What the hell else does a building need? of some sort I am guessing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The first hair cut, fussy kid and live theater or cinema?

The big fat black treadmill has gone! I am breathing easier. It took up so much space and now it doesn't. Yahoo!

Well, I finally cut Paloma's beautiful long golden locks. (Drew got all spiritual and insisted on keeping it.) Her hair had never been cut. She is my baby, but I finally did it...(four years of growth). Now it hangs just below her shoulder blades, looking like silk. She looks very grown up. Good hair is wasted on the young.

I had a 'food argument' with Rose. I made dinner, (which everyone else ate, no problem) and she sat and stared at her plate sullenly. We go through this with her so often. I usually am patient, but I cracked....(egg that I am). In the end she ate a teeny weeny forkful of mashed potato and made gagging sounds. So I told her to do the dishes, (it is not her dishes night), then told her to go to bed and read. I do not want to see her again...oh yeah...she is banned from the phone. Being banned from the phone is a biggie.
God! What to do with an ultra fussy kid?!
Deane and I finally made it to circa theater and watched a play called 'Blood wedding', (by Federico Garcia Lorca, (cool name) and translated by Ted Hughes. ) Man it was sombre, confronting and at times, annoying. I haven't been to live theater for oh... ten years, so it was a bit of an uncomfortable experience for me. I find it much easier to vegetate in front of a good movie like, star trek(enjoyed it) or Terminator..(gotta get there!). No need to think. Gosh, is that what they mean, the opium of the masses! (blaaaaaaahhhhhh).
Anyway, I do want to do the live theater thing again. Live a bit Cath!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lino printing-(why I do it), diet modification and marathon training.

(...gosh...isnt that the best title for a the world!)
I have taken to sketching birds that dance around the grass outside kindergarten. I do this in the ten or so minutes I wait before picking Paloma up. I always carry my sketchbook and pencils with me in my huge bulging black leather bag. The shite I haul around in my bag is amazing, actually I will empty it and let you know exactly what is in post...( interesting go on...). Anyhoo, I bought some wee squares of lino and a pack of lino cutters, and for the first time since primary school, I carved up the lino with some bird images and printed them onto beautiful paper. I then drew on them, coloured them, wrote on them, sewed on them,turned them into a book, (15 images), bound the book and gave it to a very good friend for her birthday. The book is small and looks quite precious. The prints are not perfect, but on the whole it all hangs together perfectly.

The reason I chose to begin lino prints, (c'mon, I know you are gaggin' to know..) is because printing on lino is the thing that takes up the least space. As you know, my house and life are..well...overflowing with abundant life...and this abundant life is...errr..growing. I have no room to paint, so I bought some silk screens to try that but realised that would take even more space, so I settled on lino. Little teeny squares. Between printing and life drawing I am happy and will be able to endure till my studio is built.

Rosie's tenth birthday went well with only one kid vomiting on stair number 68, then the bush then stair number 74, on our way up after McDonald's (not my idea) and the movies. (I phoned her mum who came to take her home..)

I have been keeping up with my marathon training...nearly, you can read about that at

Along with nearly keeping up my training programme, I have been modifying my diet. I added bread, (only very good quality) and pasta and rice. By re-introducing these I have more energy, I don't need to eat as much and I feel better! Hooray! I now realise, that you can have too much of a good thing..i.e fibre. I have also cut down of raw food, not because it was making me feel bad, but because it is winter, I love cooking, and it was taking over my life...I needed to read, plan, shop therefore I was thinking about food 90percent of the time. I was becoming obsessed and that is not a good thing.