Thursday, May 7, 2009

Winter sport, winter gardens, winter food...tis May...

I love eggplant/aubergine. This week we have had it in every meal. I found a very old recipe, Aubergines with parsley and garlic, which was stunning...I thought so anyway..but i ended up with rather a lot for myself as the kids were not fans....errr..neither was Mr Drew. Tonight I cooked up a curry, based of course on eggplant. Yummo....I have not been eating enough raw food...the cold weather hits and all I want is hot!hot!hot!.

As for winter and my garden! Well, I pulled withered tomato plants, wild pumpkin and used up old beans...I then weeded a tad and piled a complete load of compost..(I had made...) on the bare-ish earth. I left it for a few days to settle, then planted silver beet, cabbage, coriander, spinach, and leek. I left some pumpkin plant in to do it's thang too. So the garden is wintered and doing quite well. It even survived the hail storm of yesterday...

The kids first day of winter sport was not as stressful as I was fretting about. I took Rose to her hockey game at 7.30 for an 8am start. It was flippin' cold. She plays on a wet turf, so we trudged in the freezing cold through the sprinkler mist. I could see the poor skinny kid icing up as she played. We returned home in time to eat, (remember that cold=eat) and then I took Harry and Drew to their respective soccer games which were (happily for me) in exactly the same venue and the same time. Their playing fields were next to each other, so I parked my frozen butt on a park bench, smack in the middle and watched. I definitely was a 'happy peaceful soccer mom'. Deane took Izzy to her hockey game,and dragged Paloma along to watch.

Paloma does not do sport on a Saturday, thank god!. She did however, get her first badge for gymnastics, and her very first certificate. She was so proud and of course so was I.'s mothers day this Sunday. I have left a note in the diary for my darling family detailing exactly what I want for a present. I have even told them where to get it and how much it has acknowledged the note yet. I will write further on this. My kids are going to show appreciation for me even if I have to force them into it! ha!...(she says through gritted teeth..)

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