Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May, the month of birthdays...

Paloma enjoyed her happy birthday song...which was just before she shut down when she realised all eyes were on her. Deane blew out her candles while she attempted to hide behind her hair. My baby is four years old. I was talking and smiling at her today and she pointed to my eyes and laughingly told me I had whiskers. I told her the correct name for them was crows feet.
My crows feet seem more pronounced....I think they feel deeper and more whiskery as I too celebrated my birthday. Mr Drew took wing to Sydney, so I booked a babysitter for two nights running, and went out. Then I held a sleep over party at my house. All four older kids stayed the night at friends places, which only left me with the four year old. Men were not invited. Most of my friends came to the party and wore their pyjamas. Lots of flannelet, thermals, one lumberjack shirt and a few silk pieces. I baked a New York cheesecake, domestic goddess that I am. I bought a vegan raspberry chocolate cake...OMG! So so yummy. A friend made a gluten free choc brownie and there was a superb apple crumble....something for everyone. We ate lots of home made pizza washed down with cosmopolitans made by a special woman who loves them....(vodka, grand mariner..{gosh not sure of the spelling but the liquor with the hint of orange.}..and lime and cranberry juice). The night ended about four the next morning with three friends actually sleeping over.
This coming weekend, Rosie is having her tenth birthday. She is also having a sleepover but she wont be having any cosmopolitans.

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