Saturday, May 2, 2009

How I take control of my life.....

I decided to organise our house. The mess was inhibiting my creative freedom, thus I have not painted for a few months and I am being exceedingly crabby. I started with dragging the old orange wardrobey thingy into the middle of the kitchen area, sanding it down and painting it a clean greeny white. Oh, before painting it I emptied its contents onto the detested blue couch (contents being my art supplies..yes my 'studio' is a cupboard). Once the cupboardy thing was dry, I dragged it into the main bedroom. I told the sweet husband that this was now his, and instead of leaving clothing on the window seat (etc) they could go in the 'new' robe. He has far too many clothes.

My next step in 'taking control of my life', was to empty the 'coat 'robe', which is conveniently next to the front door. The 'coat robe' grows tools, nuts, bolts, paper, kids stuff, broken stuff etc. The 'stuff' was expanding out wards towards the lounge. So, I bagged (and bagged and bagged) the tools etc and put them all outside in sweet husbands little workshop. I threw out rubbish and made a list of all the broken things that I put upstairs in the exploding attic...(the attic is a job I intend to conquer within the year). Then, I moved my art supplies into the coat robe which is now named...'my studio'. It's tidy anyhow. A note about the 'studio-proper', Mr Drew finally slipped the digger down the scary slope and has dug out the space where it will be. We have bought the piles and so I have hope I will be working within the year. I need to paint and D and the kids are realising this swiftly as I have started doing their art homework for them, taking joy in painting up boxes...I wont let them help me. They take it to school and I wait eagerly to see what mark I get out of ten. I hope for a sticker. Desperate times.

My next mission was to buy 6 foolscap filing box's. I have filed so far 5 loads of paper shite into said box's from our big ugly 2 drawer filing cabinet and the uglier three drawer plastic filing drawers. They are awaiting the big trip attic-ward, while the plastic filing drawer's are awaiting a trip to the dump. House-wise, this is where I am at, this moment. It is helping my head space...

On a different note, while in Nelson, I ran around an op shop and bought this lovely orange cookie jar. I love it, it is glass and stands about 40cm. I am being positive and believing that the lid is not going to be smashed to millions of tiny pieces by anyone of 5 eager children.

On my 'taking control of my life' quest, I actually went to the hairdresser and she coloured my hair for me. I am very happy with it. I look fabulously natural. I had not coloured my hair at a hairdressers for six years. Thus the stained hands and crap tiger hair.


  1. 5 kids-whoa! and blogging! and organizing!thats impressive! thanks for your commemt!!!

  2. when do we see a picture of your new hair? i think i should take my own advise...

  3. that is my hair...the top of my head without my gorgous