Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter in Nelson...sun and more sun

We shipped ourselves over to Nelson to stay with Justine and Lou for the Easter break. We decided to go while D and I were showering on Wednesday morning...(we get a lot of...errr...organising done in the shower). We booked the ship that morning...lucky to get a sailing. We left after work on Thursday eve, arriving in Nelson at 2am.. It was a dark slow of the kids said to me,.."wow mum, you're the leader of all these cars"...ahem... I'm a cautious driver.
Inside Justine's house, the kids collapsed on the ample couches and Deane and I splatted in the spare room. We had a weekend of tramping through the Grampians at the pace of the smallest child aka snail, eating out (which is always exciting with seven children), and I sat around a bit and read a book and a few magazines. Justine buys more mags than I do which is a pretty amazing accomplishment. (I can hear my subconscious slyly nattering: ... 'it's okay more mags...Justine buys can too..'.)
We spent a day on Rabbit Island. Rabbit Island is a beach paradise...made up of a long stretch of white sand bordered by funky trees . The ocean was calm the day we were there. We played petanque...and I won...(I don't care what you say Deane, Justine and Lou. I did win...I did the best shots on the guys lost...).
Justine and I planted five tree's on her property, regretting we did not have any placenta to plant under them...ya lend a spiritual aspect.
On Easter Sunday..(chocolate pig out day..) Justine woke me at 5am! We stencilled 'rabbit paw-prints'(...white flour sieved over a small ice tong)... winding or 'hopping' around the deck and gardens. At the end of each rabbit track we placed a large egg. The trails were spotted with teeny eggs as well...bunny poop?
We smothered giggles as we did it, trying to keep the cat out of the bunny prints. After the deed we went back to bed and not long after I heard the kids discovering it all. It was worth it although I am sure only the three year old believed it actually was the bunny.
Justine and I went running a couple of times.. ( ) but other than a bit of hiking, it was a very lay-back-do nuthin' weekend. I think I needed that!

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