Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter in Nelson...sun and more sun

We shipped ourselves over to Nelson to stay with Justine and Lou for the Easter break. We decided to go while D and I were showering on Wednesday morning...(we get a lot of...errr...organising done in the shower). We booked the ship that morning...lucky to get a sailing. We left after work on Thursday eve, arriving in Nelson at 2am.. It was a dark slow of the kids said to me,.."wow mum, you're the leader of all these cars"...ahem... I'm a cautious driver.
Inside Justine's house, the kids collapsed on the ample couches and Deane and I splatted in the spare room. We had a weekend of tramping through the Grampians at the pace of the smallest child aka snail, eating out (which is always exciting with seven children), and I sat around a bit and read a book and a few magazines. Justine buys more mags than I do which is a pretty amazing accomplishment. (I can hear my subconscious slyly nattering: ... 'it's okay more mags...Justine buys can too..'.)
We spent a day on Rabbit Island. Rabbit Island is a beach paradise...made up of a long stretch of white sand bordered by funky trees . The ocean was calm the day we were there. We played petanque...and I won...(I don't care what you say Deane, Justine and Lou. I did win...I did the best shots on the guys lost...).
Justine and I planted five tree's on her property, regretting we did not have any placenta to plant under them...ya lend a spiritual aspect.
On Easter Sunday..(chocolate pig out day..) Justine woke me at 5am! We stencilled 'rabbit paw-prints'(...white flour sieved over a small ice tong)... winding or 'hopping' around the deck and gardens. At the end of each rabbit track we placed a large egg. The trails were spotted with teeny eggs as well...bunny poop?
We smothered giggles as we did it, trying to keep the cat out of the bunny prints. After the deed we went back to bed and not long after I heard the kids discovering it all. It was worth it although I am sure only the three year old believed it actually was the bunny.
Justine and I went running a couple of times.. ( ) but other than a bit of hiking, it was a very lay-back-do nuthin' weekend. I think I needed that!

Monday, April 6, 2009

We live in a garage....our freezer runs off a wind turbine

Finally!, I painted Harry's bedroom...nearly black (think cave for an adolescent) with light 'sea foam' on the window wall so it isn't too bleak/dark.) I completed it in one day. Mind you it is a small room. I rearranged it for him, now all he needs is a new bed. Deane said he'd build him a loft bed.

It only seemed like yesterday when I painted it white for him, changing it from the lilac I had painted it for the girls. Before that I had painted that very same room with sunlight yellow for 'the baby'. (The baby is now eight).

Our house is beginning to look and feel like a garage. I am dispirited. There is a wind turbine on the floor below the stereo. There is a big battery, (like a car battery) on the floor near the back door which is attached to a 'sine wave inverter'. There are wires growing out of it, and one snakes into the laundry and is plugged in to our freezer. This is a good thing folks. We are experimenting with getting off the grid. As we live in Wellington (bloody windy), the appropriate method is wind turbines. I have a freezer that runs via wind.

On my beautiful (yet unfinished) concrete bench top, there stands a fridge. It is for our camper van. Deane bought it on trade me because it not only runs on electricity, but also gas. He has been fixing it and making sure it works. It does. However, it is still on my kitchen bench attached to a large gas bottle on the floor.

On top of the stereo, is a pile of tools.

The treadmill still has not gone. Deane 'sold' it to a friend over one month ago, but his wife wont let him take it home till he cleans out the garage. Which is fair enough. As she said, she doesn't want it to sit in a corner, useless and messy like it is in my house.

We have two bikes leaning on the wall beside the dining table. Next to them is a blue standing up bike pump. (Easy to use, but better in a garage...oh is in 'the garage'). There is a windtrainer next to a lounge chair.

I'm not complaining.....or am I?

I thinketh we need to shift out of this lovely house on the hill, and move to a large house with a drive on and a double or triple garage. We all do a lot of things, so have a lot of stuff...( especially one of us...he who cannot be named.)
What do you think?