Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wellington graffiti, pizza for 25, life drawing

There are some very cool graffiti images around the mean streets of Wellington. Free public art!

I had an impromptu dinner for 25 on Saturday night. It does not take long to get to a seemingly large number...I just invite a few family's and bam! I'm feeding a crowd. I have a wonderful pizza dough recipe, involving fresh yeast, one and a half kilo's of flour, olive oil, salt and water. I work the dough and rest it for an hour. Our oven fits two pizza's in at one time, (the pizza's are the size of a standard oven tray), they take fifteen minutes to bake (thin crust). I work in between oven and bench throwing pizza in and out, passing them to Deane at the table where they are cut with a pizza wheel.

I made a rich tomato-onion reduction to dollop and spread on the base, onto which I chucked all manner of things that live in the fridge. They loved the bacon (organic,free range), feta and peppadew pizza. (I actually do the odd meat pizza for the meat lovers among my friends...). I did a few vegetarian, and one pure vegan pizza. For the kids who, errr, have rather bland buds, I made my 'kid famous' spaghetti pizza...yes, it is canned spaghetti splatted on the pizza base, topped with grated cheese. Baked and voila! Demolished. They chowed through three. Someone bought ice cream and cones, so the kids were happy.

And guess what? We finally have curtains! We put them on the french doors and the bay windows. It only took us five years..and five cold winters. The house feels more 'grown up', cosy and definitely warmer. We acquired the curtains in exchange for a bottle or two of wine. (Wine lovers are easy).

Life drawing this week actually taught me something. I was struggling with my drawing for most of the session, then the word, 'exaggerate' stomped through my head. So I exaggerated the angles of the leans of torso, legs, neck and the drawings started to look...well, okay. I went from tired and frustrated to enthused. Alas, I only 'got it', about ten minutes from the end of the session. At times, I am blind.

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