Wednesday, March 18, 2009

skinless chicken thighs and life drawing....

On Sunday, I made dinner for 25 people. My sister came over especially to help. I gave her the recipe for 'Moroccan stuffed onion', which, we decided we are NEVER to make again. They were very yum, but Deb was cursing over the hour it took to 'core' 8 large Spanish onions. The pic is of her and Drew wearing glasses to help protect their eyes from the onslaught of onion..(wearing glasses does help). I was going to do a totally vegan feast, but on thinking I remembered that lots of people don't feel they have actually eaten till they've ingested MEAT. So, I made a huge slow cooked 'Kashmiri butter chicken' dish. As well as everything else, this involved me cutting 16 skinless chicken thighs into quarters, excuse me while I gag. I made about six other beautiful vegan dishes, which everyone ate - making satisfied noise's...(belching, lip smacking, slurping?...satisfaction?)

I also fed them a huge New York cheesecake (ta Nigella buddy...)with blackberries. Weirdly enough, I enjoy making cheesecake, then watching friends eat it. I don't partake of course....being the 'good-(croissant-on-occasion)- vegan'.

I have done life drawing twice since the last post. Last week, we got a male model, at which point I wanted to walk out and have coffee instead. I have nothing against males, I just dont like drawing them. I find them difficult to draw...women are so much more attractive!

Anyhoo, I decided to be a grown up-and stay till the break. The model turned out to be the best model I have drawn. He worked every single pose wonderfully. I thanked him at the end of the session. Unfortunately, my drawings were all crap, so they had a meeting with the bin not long after creation. This week we had a lovely model, who worked the pose. The images above are her.

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